Amazing Benefits of Unlocking your Smartphone

With the wide range of benefits of customization which end users are acquainted to with the operating systems such as Android, we can easily choose between the offers which they bring around the table.

First, let’s understand the meaning of Unlocked Phones and what it means to have a locked phones. This article rather talks about the major differences that is created by using the locked and unlocked phones. At the end, you will clearly understand why unlocked phones are rather more superior.

What is an Unlocked Phone?

Unlocked phones basically means that they are not tied to any particular network provider. It can be used with any GSM service provider across the globe. An unblocked phone can recognize any SIM card from any GSM network provider and use it to make calls, send messages and use data services.

Now, following the main advantages of using an unblocked phone over a blocked phone.

Better Network Compatibility

Since the unlocked smartphones are not meant to work with a specific network, the GSM networks can be switched anytime possible. This is a very good feature for the people who travel a lot. As we know that practically one service provider cannot have its network across the globe, so this feature is a boon to the people who travel as they can switch the network whenever possible.

Money Saver

Unlocked phones eliminates the roaming charges. When a person is travelling abroad, the roaming charges are significantly incurred by the service providers which adds on the excessive bill of the subscriber. Unlocked phones simply allow the users to buy a SIM card from a local carrier and use it freely as per their wishes.

Easier to Customize

These phones provide more flexibility in terms of features and customization. Third party applications are easier to install in the unlocked phones. The user can control which application he wants on the phone. Furthermore, one will find it easier to customize the look and feel of the phone right from changing the pre-configured settings to wallpapers, notification sound and alert messages.

High Resale Value

It is comparatively easier to sell an unlocked phone. Unlocked phones attract more buyers of the same phone than the unlocked unit. It attracts for customers. For example, if a person buys a Blackberry locked with Airtel, the buyers who will be interested will be Airtel customers. However, if you are selling an unlocked Blackberry phone, it becomes more marketable since it will attract users of wide variety of network users.


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