Best Cydia Tweaks of 2015 for iOS 8

Of late, iOS jailbreak has been released and soon enough all the popular tweaks have been updated to support it. In addition to it, the older tweaks are updating a wide range of new releases in the past few months. The Cydia is the most effective and efficient way of downloading and installing various interesting apps and tweaks on your iOS device.

The iOS device needs to go through jailbreak procedure in order to use this device. Even after the installation of Cydia, the users get confused that which app/games/tweaks they should install and where do they get it from. Tons of Cydia tweaks are released every day, only a few succeed to make a mark on the millions of iOS devices all over the world. With every new tweak release, the iOS device gets more improved customization.

The year 2015 has arrived with a number of jailbreak tweaks. The list below suggests you the best recommendations you should have for your device. This list can prove very fascinating for those who have just jailbreaked his or her iPhone/iPad for the first time. So without any further discussion let’s get down to the list containing the Best Cydia Tweaks of 2015.

  1. Auxo 3:
    With the features like multi-center, Auxo 3 is one of the most high profile Cydia tweaks ever released. It performs a multi-purpose hack which combines the Control Center and the App Switcher on a single interface. With the price of $2.99, it provides some really nice features that facilitates the user to conveniently switch between apps and return to the home screen and many more.
  2. AnyDrop3: Priced $2.49 in Cydia, AnyDrop3 tweak completely realizes all the features of AirDrop. It allows users to share the file by Bluetooth. Moreover, it features a root level access which enables people using this tweak to share file system with other.
  3. Asos: This tweak specializes in providing additional privacy and security to your device. It specifically adds passcodes and Touch ID protection to specific apps. It is for those users who want their device and apps to be protected from other people. It needs proper authorization like password or your fingerprints in order to access those applications. The cost of Asos on Cydia is $0.99.
  4. Camrix:
    If you have a predilection of capturing photos, Camrix will make things as effortless as you ever wish. It lets you capture photographs from anywhere without even launching the Camera application. Camrix can be enabled by the Activator gesture. It places the camera viewfinder overlay on the screen where you can capture photos and videos from both primary and secondary camera. Camrix costs $1.99 in Cyndia.
  5. CameraTweak 3: This is a must have for people who care very much about the photos taken on their iPhone. It allows the users to change the resolution, control the FPS, focal length and ISO. The latest version of this tweak provides high quality camera features especially for those who need nothing less than a perfect shot. CameraTweak3 is available for $1.49.
  6. Conferno:
    Price just at $1.50, Conferno manages all your pending notifications. It puts all the pending notifications in a folder which is accessible through the status bar. It has add-on security features which enables the users to provide Touch ID protection to it,
  7. Eclipse 2:
    Eclipse 2 adds the missing dark mode to the iOS by giving a perfectly different look to the device. It also adds the dark mode to all the third party app installed on the device. Apart from this, the user gets the option to choose the background colors and much more. The price of Eclipse 2 is $0.99.
  8. iCleaner Pro:
    As the name suggests, iCleaner Pro is one of the best maintenance tools available for iPhone/iPad today. It allows the users to free up the storage by deleting unnecessary files like message attachments, cookies, history, cache files, application cache, etc.
  9. Protean:
    With this app you can easily customize your items in the status bar according to your wishes. It also helps in rearranging the items in the status bar. Protean is a paid tweak which will cost you $1.99.
  10. Springtomize 3:
    It is one of the most powerful tweaks ever released on Cydia. This tweak enables the user to customize every aspect of your device according to your desires. It allows the users to make tons of changes including animation, home screen, icons, dock, status bar, Notification center, Control Center, etc. Springtomize 3 is available for download for $2.99 from Cydia.

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