Best Safari Downloader for iOS 8-iOS 8.1.2 (2015)



If you talk about Safari browser provided in ios, i will tell you one thing that it does not allow any random thing to be downloaded from internet. It is very clear that you cannot go for downloading anything you like in your ios 6, 7, 8, or any of your iPhone.

In this situation jailbreak comes into picture and plays its wonderful role. Normally what happens when you try to download randomly from the net work as per your choice, Safari being a restricted downloader refuses to do that. You see on the screen that “Safar cannot download this file”. But after installation of cydia tweak as a custom with safari browser, you would be surprised to see that very obediently you safari start working and accepts your command to down load any random file from network without any hesitation.

The best part I will tell you after installing cydia tweak, you will get the down load manager of Safari free of cost, and you will be able to see the extra tab of downloads and rather extra space to watch your all stuffs which you have downloaded.

Once you get Safar downloader on your device let it be iPhone, iPads having any ios from 7 or 8. This is workable and compatible with 7, 8, 8.1, 2.8, 1, 3, 8.2, 8.3 ios.

Now I shall explain to you briefly that 2 plugin are there:

1–Safari Downloader plus

This Safari Downloader plus is actually is the answer to your all the question and solution to all of your requirements. I will tell you cydia tweak is something great what we got today. It is a fully compatible app to 8.1.2. ios. It might have stopped helping ios 6 and below but since most of the users would have updated their device so it is awesome for today’s time.

I will repeat here that because of this app. You can get file importer, download manager, file manager, video download manager etc. This app has capability to support any kind of file or I must say rather every file. Now i will tell you something about features of Safari Download enabler in some detail.

There are many features that come with this nifty sweet cydia tweak. You get all amazing features that you ever wished for. It supports almost every file type. Has a video downloader functionality and file manager. The detailed features are safari download manager enabler

First of all let me inform you that if you desire to get Safari Downloader absolutely free of cost then you should add repository. You will get that benefit.

2– Safari Downloader Enabler

Actually nothing much more to tell you about Safari Downloader, but once again i will revise the previous words just to fresh your mind. I will tell you again, just open something which you want to download, long press the link, and then select to download. It will immediately take a start of downloading your selected file.

Finally one think more I would like to tell you that if you are using android phone and want to come to ios, then you try for the tweaks and see which one helps you. Do not get annoyed, some or the other is definitely going to serve the purpose.

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