The Nirmal Bharat Yatra

was a sanitation & hygiene awareness & behavior change campaign conceptualized & implemented by WASH United & Quicksand. It travelled 2,000 kms across rural parts of 5 Indian states between 2nd October 2012 & 19th November 2012.

Partner With Us

The Nirmal Bharat Yatra brought together creative individuals from around the globe, all kinds of non-profits, international foundations, and even the Indian government at multiple levels. 

Now, WASH United India is looking to expand its network of partners even further within these categories and beyond. We're calling on just about anyone who feels passionate about our goals -- from graphic designers, to businesspeople, to members of parliament -- to join us in upscaling the Yatra format, and also creating new, and exciting methods of delivering information and education on sanitation and hygiene to all Indians, even those in the msot remote villages. 

One certain project in the future are the Nirmal Rajya Yatras in which the interstate model used in the Nirmal Bharat Yatra will be redesigned to address the needs of particular states. WASH United India is looking forward to implementing a number of NRYs across different landscapes in India, and to serving state government as a facilitator, and local non-profits and advocacy groups as a thought partner. 

On an even smaller scale, the Nirmal Gram Yatras will bring the effectiveness of the games/performances/workshops approach the last mile to remote villages that otherwise wouldn't be reached. We are envisioning a micro-yatra, comprised of a small convoy, that would have a small enough footprint to be set up in a village common area, allowing locals to immerse themselves in the Yatra experience without having to travel large distances. This effort will take a great deal of innovation, both in designing the convoy in a way that is most efficient, and in revamping the way our messaging is delivered for a a more captive audience (not like the vast mela at the Nirmal Bharat Yatra!). 


Contact Nirat Bhatnagar, CEO of WASH United India, with any queries, or to join the movement.

For those in the media, or those interested in volunteering their time, contact Max Bearak, Director of Communications and PR for WASH United India.