5 Best Animation Apps For iPhone & iPad



If you are a creative person and using  iPhone or iPad. You can create your own animated film with the help of that featured animated app which we are going to suggest you in this article. Here   are details of those apps. They will help you in creating professional movies, animated films, animated characters, and also some latest sound effects which you can share with any one.


This is a fully furnished and featured app which can help you to create any kind of professional animated movie on your iPhone or iPad. This app is equipped with special sound effects which will decorate your creation with additional beauty. In addition to that it also carries various amazing features, like built in animated characters, text speech by sound track, brushes, clip art, painting including other useful tools. If you want to make your animated creations very perfect, this app will be a major partner to assist you.

  • iStop Motion:

This is also a high featured app for iPad users, as it has some extra facilities to create the animated movies on iPads. iStop Motion app will be quite easy to use UI, which can help making the films quickly, because it possesses Camera Overlay, which helps to create animated scenes very fast. Moreover, its iCloud   integration, instant play back, and online sharing option lets you create the animated movies perfectly.

  • Animation Creator:

This app is really fantastic; it has rich features for your iPhone. You will get creation tools in numerous quantity, like frame management, importing some project from the express version, you can also import images or library by using the camera, frame rotation facility, and other custom back ground option which you may need in support to create the high level professional animation movie. I will tell you this will be very powerful and easy app for the animation creation for your iPhone.

  • Animation Desk for iPad:

This app comes with high level features, and very simple app for iPad. This Animation Desk app is very helpful in creating natural scenes by using fabulous back grounds which create natural effect and gives finishing to the natural beauty in order to make it impressive. The Audio effect provided in this app will make the viewers feel the beauty of nature. Different type of painting brushes and other useful tools make the creation near to the perfection and high level quality of your creation.

  • Stop Motion Recorder

If you want to create some funny movie, this app is really fantastic. It provides you toy video camera which helps you make your animation quickly. If you want to make a funny movie very quickly and share it to Face Book or Twitter or elsewhere, this app is very simple operating and easily result providing to your funny movies in all respects. This app will be very help full to convert your funny concept in a funny animated movie just like a guide providing you all the necessary tools which you may require. Finally you can release your funny movie on Face Book, Twitter or any other social site as per your choice. You can also share it with your loved ones.

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  1. Saul Smith says:

    This is a great app. This provides many of feature include (user-friendly,share your masterpiece, animated e-cards, layers supports and many more). I have already find Animation Desk app, Which contain all functionality.

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