5 Features That Show How Awesome Android Wear Can Be

Google android wear has much more than you think and with the release of the wrist-based wearable, it’s quite clear that hard work reflects in its android wear and it is successful in creating a gadget that consumer will hopefully trusts in years to come.

Google Android Wear organizes your information, suggests what you need, and shows it to you before you even ask. In addition you can get messages from your friends, meeting notifications, and weather updates at a glance. So if you’re wanting to know more, Here are top 5 features of Google wear that everyone should know:

1) Fitness

With the Fitness feature users can keep track of your activity with daily summaries showing your step count and heart rate but heart rate is only available on watches with heart rate monitors.

If your watch has a GPS sensor, fitness apps can now track your distance and speed without your phone. Go for a run or bike ride and leave your phone at home.

2) Just say “Ok Google”

Respond to texts, instant messages and emails by voice. Ask questions like “What time it is in New York,” or “How many calories are there in an apple?”
See who is calling, or read texts, instant messages and emails as soon as they arrive. Just say “Ok Google, call me a car” to order a vehicle to your location. See how long your wait and the model of the car on your watch and rate the driver when reached your destination.

3) Music playback

Download your favorite albums and playlists to your watch and listen to them without your phone via Bluetooth headphones.

In fact it is perfect for running or biking when your phone is out of low battery. Just say “Ok Google plays some music” to start listening from your phone, and pause, play, and skip tracks on the go.

4) Weather and Commute

Glance at the weather forecast when you get up in the morning; ask anything, like “Will it rain this weekend.”
See how long it will take you to get to work while you’re getting ready in the morning. Just say “Ok Google navigate to” and your destination to get turn by turn navigation.


5) Reminders

Glance and say “Ok Google” to set location-based or time-based reminders. For instance, “Ok Google reminds me to water the plants when I get home.” Or “Ok Google reminds me to pick up popcorn at 6pm.” Just say “Ok Google take a note Cafe Coffee Day” to create a note with that restaurant recommendation in Google Keep.

The subject, time and location of your next appointment appear on the screen so that you don’t have to check your calendar. Your flight information also appears before you go to the airport.

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