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No one can doubt about this fact that in today’s time Face Book has become like an addiction for many people. You must have seen that lot of people who have become member on Face Book spend their lot of time in that site. Some time they are looking for the interesting posts, sometimes lovely pictures and videos and some time chatting with the friends. In this write up we want to suggest you some best app. For Face Book which will provide you the better results in all that you do on the Face book. This app will help you operating multiple accounts on Face book, extra security, and free of problems chatting with any of your friend.  The list is shown herewith.

  • For Face Book you will find that on your iPhone or iPad official Face Book app. Is offered .It is better for you to download the same on your device instead of going for any external app. From outside. It is a very simple downloading and provides you smooth and fast accessibility of Face book to your iPhone and iPad. This app. Is absolutely free of cost. After downloading that you can also get best play games on your device.


  • Friendly + for Face Book on (iPhone and iPad)

This is a fabulous app. Of Face book beautifully designed on your device. This app. Will provide you manage your multiple accounts on Face Book with full and extra security. You can also lock your accounts safely with the help of a PIN code as decided by you. Even this app. Is very useful in order to access the Face Book fast. And will prove to be clear and without interfering, disturbing, with an easy and clean user interface. With this beautiful app. You can access all useful and interesting features, it will also quickly navigate to your favorite friends, and you will enjoy chatting better than your previous app.


  • MyPad+(iPad)-MyPad+

This app Is supposed to be one of the best for iPad app. This has provision of some extra facility for you. With this app. You can manage not only Face Book but multiple Social sites of network in single interface of a single user. I will tell you this app. Is very useful for those who have equal interest in dealing with multiple accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Face book, Pinterest, you tube, and many others. You can also book mark your favorite thing of any social network at any time and in any number.


  • Facely HD (iPhone & iPad)-Facely HD

This is also very helpful and useful app for iPhone and iPad users in the sense that Facely HD will help you in access of tons of features from your iPhone and iPad as well. It helps you in terms to allow you for customizing Face Book using all preloaded themes, colors and also founts which are available. This will also help you browse live feed, posts or comments, sharing video or photos, watch album and favorite videos, to send personal and private messages to your friends, and also to see birth days etc.


  • iLoader 2 (iPhone)

 This is another superb app for iPhone for FaceBook. This has extra ordinary capacity of uploading the photos and video in bulk quantity along with their special effects. The uploading speed is very fast, and also takes the captions.


  • Hootsuite (iPhone & iPad)

The qualities and capabilities of this app also mostly same as mentioned above for other app.   

In short, you can go for any one app. As recommended above and see which one is suitable for fulfilling your Face Book browsing needs.

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