99 bricks wizard academy strategy tips


The goal of this game is to build a wizard tower out of the falling bricks which are in the shape of Tetris blocks. Players have to make their towers as high as they can .In every game stage you will start with a different shape at the base and you will have to build up your tower. Rival wizards sometime get jealous and will pop in to add some complication. The worst enemies are gravity and your own mistakes. When you lose too many blocks off the side of the tower, the game usually spawns tower top. This finishes off your current run.

For you to effectively play this game, you have to use some strategy tips and also cheat among other necessary tips: the following are some of the trick and cheats to help you play this game in the right manner.
When building your tower always ensure you go wider, this give you more room to place block, always be careful when putting the blocks to ensure that you don’t knock others over. Have a quick processing spread when zapping badly placed blocks or even when you are removing some which have been wrongly placed.

This cheat codes is particularly helpful for players using android devices. Use any hex editor app which is available for android and ensure that you change the value of HEX Dword to any amount you may wish. Coin HEX 29 51 ec f7 Dword. This code should work though if it does not work, do it manually. Get at least 1000+ coins and use search function in your hex editor app and enter you value of the current coins and search for it. A small list of result should be displayed and just edit the value of them one after another until you find the real HEX .If you see large list of result, you will need to change current value by either adding them or consuming them. Finally go back to the list and find your new current coin value to the large list and edit the value.

Player should clearly note that the main reason why this game is unique; is that the playing field is not based on a rigid grid. This is common to most of other related games. You should note that any improperly placed blocks can easily tip and tilt just like any two dimensional tower. Player should plan ahead and ensure that brick s are structurally sound more than just filling any holes the see forming in their towers.
This game is all about strategy, ensure that the base is firm and the brick are arranged in more compact position rather than just placing them. This will ensure your tower will raise high enough.

The availability of only 99 bricks gives us a sense of realism and a comforting sense of closure to the game.

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