Android Marshmallow Features

Android Marshmallow was launched on 5th October. Well, it does not has a lot of visual add-on like its predecessor Android Lolipop, but certainly it is packed with lot of features. With Marshmallow, Google has tried to enhance the user experience in terms of performance. After upgrading your Android, you will definitely experience the boost in performance and efficiency.

Now, let’s have a look at the latest features of Android Marshmallow:

Easter Egg

Google has a proud tradition of baking some neat features in Easter Egg. Same trend follows with Marshmallow. Same thing is followed in Marshmallow. You need to tap several times on the Android Version to reveal the Easter egg in your Android Smartphone. In Marhmelow, they have made the Flappy Bird game a little easier to play.

Now on Tap

Google Now gets a much smarter version of the Now On Tap application. Now On Tap provides a contextual information to its users. Now On Taps actually scans your screen information and informs you whether the things getting displayed are in relevant context or not. Just head over to an app you want to try out and long press the home button, Google will fetch results relevant to your current context.

System UI Tuner

One of the biggest reasons why users choose Android is Customization. Android has gone a step further with the 6.0 release. With Marshmallow, you can now customize your phone in the quick settings tiles. Ull down the notification shade and long press the gear icon, when it starts spinning, release it. You may have unlocked the system UI Tuner Menu. You can now change the quick tiles or even embed the battery percentage in the battery icon.

Simplified Audio Controls

The Audio Control has been delightfully enhanced in the Marshmallow. You can get a down arrow to control media, audio and alarms as well. And the notification toggle gives a simple description of the three modes.

App Permissions

The days are gone when one blindly used to accept all the app permissions and being highly vulnerable to security breach from the app. On Marshmallow, like iOS, you will be prompted to grant or deny permission only when you use it. This means during app installs you won’t be presented with a list of permissions that the app requires. You can always change the permissions by going to Settings, then Apps and then by tapping on the gear icon and heading over to app permission.

Flex Storage

In Marshmallow, you can expand your internal storage by formatting your external SD card as an expansion of internal storage. However, once formatted, you cannot see the SD card anywhere else.

Go to Settings -> Storage. Select your SD card and tap on the three dots on the upper right corner and go to settings. Select format as internal. Format your SD card and reboot your device.

Verified Boot

Android 6.0 makes it mandatory for the devices to get full storage encryption.  Also on newer devices, the framework would alert users in case they unlock the boot loader and play with the OS on a deeper level.

As an operating system, Android still has to cover a long distance on the grounds of becoming the most productive mobile OS. But the improvements and features offered surely promise a better and a brighter future of Android.

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