Apple watches the most personalized attire version


Apple Corporation has been inspiring us with great ideas and yes some innovative ones which help us believe and realize that technology or this company will keep on exciting us. The iPads, iPods and iphones has changed the medium of interaction plus a new way of mode has been discovered. Well here in this article I am referring towards Apple watch technology. This watch called as “Apple watch” will be the most portable technological device ever. This will make user’s life more remote and easy to access. This personalized watch will make technology more relevant for the users by giving users more access and objectifies them.

How did the idea changed?

Well things with Apple logo or associated with Apple has a worldwide market of potential customers who are blind believers of this corporation. Loyal users seek for new products and wait for the new lot to come. Idea changed when developers realized that Apple should focus on people personality by moving products to people attire and then they came up with great idea of this Apple watch.



This watch has three versions in it with the price starter of 349 dollars. This beautiful made has stainless steel. Then the versions range from different categories to different colors. Time is fifty milliseconds of the universal time standard. This lag free watch will be fast in processing plus it is light in weight too. People best supportive feature goes for “glance”. This feature helps the watch to get active whenever the user glances at it this is thought to be most useful and easy to use watch in latest of technologies. Weather reports, news and articles will pop-up as per setting designed and alternatives go for messages that reflect the instant and best use of this watch.

What does Tim cook have to say? (CEO APPLE CORPORATION)



Apple Watch is expected to be a highly desirable product since it provides a rich new experience to users. However, for a product that the company might hope to become a ubiquitous part of peoples’ lives, the watch is more than a little pricey.

What analysts think?

It was surprising to know that analysts think that this product seems to be ordinary and it doesn’t has the uniqueness which Apple products has. This Apple legacy of inspiring customers with best fit has somewhere lost in this product and they fear the product may never go main stream. Analysts do believe that Apple has a big pool of customers who associate themselves with Apple products and the loyalties takes time to break. This product has chances to turn around things for Apple and there is no way to believe that this kind of version was ever made in human history. Alternatives do exist but with access which this watch shows can attract customers.

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