Applications and devices to locate your parked car

It is not weird that you forgot where you parked the car. It happens. You know there are things to remember and sometimes in this world small things do get out of sight. Well you don’t need to worry about it. Applications and devices to locate your parked car have made life easier for you handle. Park and be busy and then use these certain applications to get a seat on driving seat, not for the cab but on your personal car.


Latest smart phones and gadgets are made to make you car a smart car. You don’t have a tracker installed its okay but some devices can be as useful as trackers. These gadgets are attached to your OBD port which every car have now and link or pair them to your device through Bluetooth.  This gadget called as automatic then connects to your phone and track your information and location through GPS and keeps a track on your car.


Zobie and DASH:

These two gadgets are also the same as automatic and they comes in the price range of hundred dollars. They have many features that automatic has. They can monitor your driving habits, you way of using your car, your fuel consumption and even when accident takes place these gadgets automatically connects to the authorities and  inform them about the incident. This is an amazing step from these gadgets making agency as they are very helpful in many conditions.



These amazing gadgets are great to have as they provide every single thing that is required for location. This application keeps a record for your car and remembers the location. Then it guides you through coordinates that how long is your car or how much distance is left. There are a lot other features which aware have. For example if you are parking your car in a place where there is ticketing system then aware beacon will tell you about the charges. The map automatically locates your car through this device and it becomes really easy to locate your car location. What most important is that it costs about forty dollars only. The amazing device automatically connects to your device via Bluetooth, and it have a proper time and date that fetches data on your device for further details.

Honk IOS app:

It is also one of the applications that can easily be installed on your iphones and tablets through apple store. It works in the same way as the gadgets do all you need is an internet working on your mobile that can help you connect to your application which will then automatically connects to your car’s location. This is a very helpful application as it makes

it very comfortable for users to find their exact car’s location and then there is no panic in getting it lost the devices or gadgets have the tracker system that can locate our car even when they stolen. These devices are a new invention that will keep your life more comfortable and effective.


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