Arvixe-Affiliate Program Review

What is an Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is a marketing program where you can receive commission for helping a parent company (such as HostGator) generate sales. The parent company provides you with all your advertising tools such as banner ads, links and tracking codes for you to place on your sites, in your emails or other internet listings.

When a visitor to your site or listing clicks on an ad or link, the transaction is tracked. If this transaction results in a sale for the parent company, you get paid for that sale. It’s that simple!

About Arvixe
Arvixe is a large web hosting company specializing in mostly shared web hosting, but offer Reseller, VPS and Dedicated servers as well. What I really liked about Arvixe is that their offers and quality actually beat out a lot of the big players in the space (such as Hostgator, Bluehost and so on)

Best Thing about Arvixe Affiliate
Out of all the hosts, traffic going through an Arvixe affiliate link converts more than any of the others. The conversion rate has been as high as 10%, meaning 1 in 10 clicks can earn me $135, on some campaigns., Also, read how to start a blog in india

Why does Arvixe convert so high?

Because their offer is a little bit different. Arvixe offers a higher quality service and has lower pricing ($4/mo) than most of the competition – before coupon codes, so it goes even lower – and they throw in a Free Domain Name to top it all off and also
there’s a huge difference between a company that cares about its affiliates and one that doesn’t. Arvixe cares, for real. A few things they offer affiliates:

  • Dedicated affiliate manager
  • Instant commission notifications (once someone has paid for their account, you get a notification of a pending affiliate payout)
  • Custom affiliate coupon codes (the coupon coolmediablog1 gets you 20% off, but also earns me a commission – with or without a click)
  • Quick payouts via Paypal (no waiting for a check to be mailed)
  • Easy to use their affiliate interface

How to get started with Arvixe Affiliate Program?

To get started with arvixe affiliate, Sign up for their affiliate program. Once you are signed up with their affilliate program, login to their panel and click on banner get your affiliate link and banners. Now promote that link via Blog Post or Send it via Email list you have created and tell people about this web-hosting.

Things you must know

The commission is held for 60-days to cover the money-back guarantee period and to prevent frauds. The minimum balance required for payout is $100.
Payment Methods
Check & Paypal
How much Money you can make from Arvix affiliate?
Arvixe works on a tiered scale, as do most other hosts these days, meaning that the more sales you make – the higher your commission will be for ALL sales.

So what does this look like?

  • 1-6 Sales per Month = $70/sale
  • 7-12 Sales per Month = $90/sale
  • 13-19 Sales per Month = $115/sale
  • 19+ Sales per Month =$135/sale

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