Best apps to download audio book for iphone

Best apps to download audio book for iphone

For all those people who love to study or refer to their texts anytime have now a lot of options such as they can now listen to their favorite books instead of carrying them all the time. Isn’t that really good for all book lovers ?Lets have a look on the available apps which can be downloaded on your iPhone and there you are accessing your favorite books while travelling,cooking and everywhere else where it might not be possible for you to carry your books.


Audible app


This app is a perfect app for book lovers and most importantly the best thing about this app is you can download unlimited audio books for a month.That’s why this app is stealing the hearts of many as one can download as many as audio books in a month.That means this app lets you download most of your titles and let you listen them anytime in future.This make the audible app one of the best apps to download audio book for iphone.So this a boon for both who are book lovers and also for those who hate reading books as now they can listen to their books rather than reading. This app is available in the apple’s itunes store.The most advantageous thing about this app is that you will definitely find your audiobook title as the collection is as large as 1,50000+ titles and if you don’t like any title at any moment of time you can exchange the title with a newer one.


Ambling BookPlayer Lite

Ambling BookPlayer Lite is yet another app to listen to audiobooks on iphone.This app too give acces to thousands of free audiobooks.This app can also be used on other mobile devices and media players.An audiobook in Ambling Bookplayer Lite may consist of one to many audio files but the user need not worry about any particular file.The app itself will keep all the details of the file hidden and will do the sequencing,last played book ,most played book details all on its own.So the user is free from all these things.

Audiobook shelf


Audiobook shelf is an audiobook app which on installation will show you an exact shelf as you can see in any library.You can choose any of the books shown on the shelf by simply clicking on it.Once you have chosen the books from the shelf it will show you the title chosen,duration of the individual audiobook and a play button.If you are happy with the selection made you can proceed or you can go back and search further audiobooks as per your exact title and time requirement.This probably is the reason it is in the category of best apps to download audio book for iphone.

OverDrive app

This app is one of the best apps to download audio book for iphone.This app lead you to world of e
books,audiobooks as well as videos.Install the app and choose from the available options whether you want to read a book from the shelf or you want to listen to them.You can pause and re listen to any of the points in the audiobook again.Additionally you can share whatever you have listened to your social sites so that your friends can also go through it if they want.

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