Best Baby Carrier Reviews India

A baby carrier is a must have thing for new mom and this is a thing in which you don’t want to compromise as it is related with your child care. Carrying a toddler every time in your arms might be exhausting and keeping your new born away is not at all a good idea. This article particularly dedicated to ensure you that you buy the best baby carrier for your new born.

Choosing the best baby carrier from the market?

The best baby carrier in the market largely depends on the needs of yours. The decision to buy a best baby carrier should satisfy all your needs. There are lots of baby carriers in the market, some are mostly suited for the new born while others are better suited for little older babies. The variety of baby carriers depends on the type of work you are doing while carrying your baby, like some baby carriers are designed for hiking or long walks while some are designed for doing household work while carrying your baby.

if you have any doubt whatsoever will be solved by our best baby carrier reviews India.

Baby carriers differs in sizes and not all the size will fit your need. Some baby carriers will be perfect for you while others will not suit your needs. To get the perfect size of your baby carriers it is advisable to buy the baby carriers when the baby is born and not during the pregnancy stage.

Reviews of top baby carriers in India:

1. Luvlap Baby Carrier Galaxy

As the name suggest Luvlap will surely provide the baby with lap like feeling. This baby carrier is very suitable for babies who are in the process of their neck stability. The Luvlap baby carrier galaxy comes with removable head support which are provided with cushion for the safety of the most delicate part of babies that is neck and head. The carrier is provided with comfortable armholes and leg openings which are very comfortable and comes with cushion all around the carrier. There is a side opening in the baby carrier which is adjustable with the opening buckles.

For providing support to the baby the carrier is having a total of three belt supports. There is one waist belt support so that the baby remain stiff while even walking of doing household things. There are two sturdy padded shoulder support so that there is no chances of letting your baby fall. The bib inside the baby carrier is very soft and your baby will definitely love the comfort feeling of this baby carrier. The air circulation in this baby carrier is perfect as it is made with friendly fabric.

The weight of this baby carrier is pretty light weight and composes of total of 650 grams. The minimum suggested age for this baby carrier is six months and be used for the babies of the age range of 0.5-1.5 yrs. The price of this baby carrier is quite affordable and cost is just Rs. 1499 only. The product comes along with the manufacturer warranty of 3 months. This product is only available in brown color.

2. Chicco Soft and Dream Baby Carrier

Soft and dream baby carrier believes in providing perfect comfort environment for babies of different ages. The new born babies should be particularly carried in a three different ways in their different phases of life. When the new born babies are very young and at very tender age they should be carried in a lying down so that whenever the baby feel like sleeping they can sleep easily. The second period or phase is that in which the babies are to be protected from dust and pollution and they should be carried facing their parents. The third stage is when the baby is a little older and they tend to observe the world then they should be carried facing the outer world. And with Chicco soft and dream baby carrier you can easily carry your babies in these different stages of baby growth.

The product comes along with removal protection hood suiting your various baby carrying conditions. The interior of this baby carrier is fully padded providing cushion and protection to your child. The fabric with which this carrier is made is breathable fabric lining. The product comes along with easy carrying system which guarantees that your child will get maximum stability and parents has to make very less efforts while carrying their babies.

This baby carrier comes in two different colors which are blue and blue passion and the price of this carrier is little on the higher side but seeing the comfort it provides to your child its affordable and costs around 5000 Indian rupees. The weight of this baby carrier is 699 grams and can be used for babies of almost all ages.

3. GTC adjustable hands free 4 in 1 baby carrier:

The positive thing about this product is that it aims at providing maximum comfort and safety to the baby as well as parents. The size of this carrier is very adjustable and can fit babies of all ages. The baby is comfortably wrap around with protection around their waist and legs. The product comes in 4 different carrying style for babies like the cradle style, chest facing, backpack and forward facing. The product very much comfortable in getting the baby in and out from this carrier.

There is dual side adjustments along with this product that keeps the baby protected around the waist and legs. The shoulder of the carrier is fully padded which have eases straps which is comfortable for the parents as well. The carrying capacity of this product is in between 3.5 to 15 kilograms. There is movable head rest which ensures correct posture and support to the baby’s back and neck. weight of this product is very light and its around 299 grams. The minimum advisable age to carry your babies in this carrier is 3 months. This baby carrier is quite affordable and costs about 520 rupees only.


These are the best baby carriers reviews india and hope this would be quite helpful in buying a baby carrier for your toddlers.



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