Best badminton racquets in India below 2000 rupees

In our country one of the most popular and important sports after cricket and football, badminton occupied the next position. Now-a-days this sport was been taken up and playing by most of the kids & adults across the country. It is also a kind of sport which our country was exceptionally good and ranked among the top 20 in World Rankings. A badminton racket is very important for a badminton player. The best badminton racket was one of which suits you the best and also gives you the required and best performance while playing.

The Indian society recently observed the relatively increased trends in the usage of the badminton racquets, but so many beginners who are willing to play do not know any basics to choose good racquets amongst the racquets which are available in present market. So if you are inspired & willing to develop your shuttling skills, then you need a good quality racket

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How to Choose a Best Badminton Rackets

The racket was the most important equipment for a badminton player. The type of the racket which you choose needs to match the playing ability. Below given are some of the key points which need to be considered while purchasing or choosing a badminton racquet.

  • Flex: Beginner players must need flexible rackets, and they can experiment with the flexibility when they are perfect with the game.
  • Cost: Affordability was another concern for the beginner or junior players. So player can try something within their budget
  • Brand: Bigger brands will have better racket-making in some of the cases.
  • The weight of the racket: Lightweight badminton rackets are mostly recommended for the beginner players. The racket should weigh in between 85 – 90g and should have lower balance point. With these features, rackets are generally easy to control. Another advantage of lightweight rackets was it will allow for the quick speed of stroking & recovery, and you can able to switch to various strokes and deliver quick serves. These rackets reduce chances of injuries.
  • Balance Point: Balanced points will be applicable to the seasoned players for the heavier rackets with the higher balance points. This means that racket will be heavier at the head. This type of rackets will allow you to channel high power into your smashes. But they are not at all easy to control because of their extra weight. Hence these types of racquets are not suitable for everyone.
  • String Tension: String tension of racket is done by pressing palm against strings & you can observe how far it can sink. 1mm sunken depth of strings will be the ideal tension for most of the players.
  • Hand Grip: There are two important factors which affect the grip of a particular racket such as type & size.
  • Types of badminton grips: There are 2 kinds of badminton grips called as towel & synthetic. In towel grips, the material will be softer & also good in absorbing the sweat. But these grips are more prone to accumulate germs & bacteria and these require more frequent replacement when compared with synthetic grips. When comes to the synthetic grips, these are very slick, these are less comfortable because of its poor sweat absorption ability.
  • The size of badminton grips: Most of the racket grips will come with four sizes. Size bigger grips will be much favored by most of the players who always prefer tighter feel in order to generate more power. Players who like to employ the use of deception will prefer the smaller grips.
  • Racquet Shape: There are 2 kinds of badminton racquet shapes they are round shape & isometric shape. In a round shaped racquet concentrated power will be more, while in an Isometric shaped racquet the head will have more surface area. The shape of the racquet will greatly affect the game.
  • Other Considerations: The grip size was denoted by the letter “G”; if the smaller is the number, then the larger the handle size. The racket tension will be denoted by “x lb to y lb”; the minimum to the maximum stringing tension will be recommended. Usually recommend that beginners should play with a tension closer to the lower-end, because this will provide extra and more power for them while playing.

So while purchasing or choosing or considering a badminton racquet better to go through all the features and reviews to select the best racquet of your choice which meets all your requirements.

Top brands that sells badminton rackets in India

There are various top brands which are selling good quality of badminton rackets in India, and the price range of the rackets may vary based on the features and quality of the product.


Best quality of rackets will be manufactured from Yonex, this was one of the most leading badminton brand, which was made in Japan. These rackets are usually used by top and most experienced players.


This was a Chinese brand founded by Li Ning (Olympic gymnast). Other main products from this brand are athletic shoes & sporting goods.


Cosco was an Indian brand, other sports equipment will also be manufactured from this brand. Manufacturing unit was based in Delhi.


From this brand badminton rackets, strings etc will be manufactured, which was founded in 1824.

But when comparing all these brands, Yonex brand was the most leading brand in the market in manufacturing of Badminton rackets. The price range of badminton rackets ranges from 300 – 5000 rupees. Below given are the best badminton racquets in India below 2000 rupees these options will help you in selecting the best one for your game:

Best Badminton Rackets in India Under 2000 Rupees


One of the best features which really make this racket to stand out in the first place is the square shaped ISOMETRIC frame. The head shape of the racket is oval. Some of the notable specifications in this racket are having Graphite Shaft, Includes a handy carrying case, Titanium mesh, Isometric shaped frame. If you are wishing to get the most amazing badminton experience, you need to consider the Yonex Muscle Power 29 Lite Badminton Racket. The cost of the racket is also no more than 2000 Rupees.


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In the badminton, if the racket is lacking any aspect, it may put you at a risk of losing the game. Yonex Carbonex 8000 Plus Badminton Racket will help you to play your game without any risks. This product was particularly designed in order to ensure some of the toughest matches also. Some of the notable specifications which are included in this racket are Carbon nanotube shaft, Includes a cover for storage, Designed to resist deformation, T-joints are built into the frame, Graphite frame, Ergonomic hand.


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If you wishing to take your badminton game into next level, by enhancing your skills. For that, there are plenty of great rackets which are available in the market, but nothing can replace like the Yonex Nanoray Light Badminton racket. The peculiar feature of this racket was it is having the latest head which not only provides the fast swing but also it will offer the player more controlled swing. Some of the other notable specifications in this racket are thinner frame sides which in turn make the racket even more aerodynamic, thicker sides which are present at the bottom will provide more stability with the lightweight design. The budget of this racket is also very reasonable which is below 2000 Rs.

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For winning a game the Yonex Arcsaber Lite Badminton racket will help on your side. This racket was designed with such a finest material to ensure the longevity and durability. This particular racket was designed especially for the beginner or even for the low intermediate player. But if you are a skilled and experienced badminton player, you need to upgrade to some of the different brands. Some of the notable specifications in this racket are having medium flexibility, ergonomic handle, carbon graphite shaft & head, lightweight design. The racket only weighs about 5 units or 78 grams, which was perfect for the young children & teenagers or even for the initial players. This design ensures complete control & maneuverability, hence you will win the game every time.

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Racket selection parameters 

Choosing the correct or best badminton racquet for yourself will be so tough, because nowadays wide range of rackets are available from various brands, hence it will be so difficult to buy the best one for the requirement. One should that their decision can be narrowed down by considering two key points, which includes:

  1. What type of balance the racket has?
  2. How flexible the shaft is?

Not only these two points, but also beyond this, many of the brands will have rackets which cater to each combination of these factors, and you can able to filter through them depends on various other factors.

  • The head shape of the badminton racket should be always isometric
  • Better to go for the even balance of the badminton racket, if you are all around type of player.
  • Material of the badminton racket should be full of carbon graphite, because of this user can offer the optimized stiffness & gets the durability of racket.
  • Always make sure that the string tension should not go beyond 26 lbs.


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