Choosing the best and right billing software plays a major role in the billing process. The main benefit and need of choosing a billing software POS are to eliminate writing checks, bills & stamping envelopes and by a single click, you can complete the whole process of invoice payment for your clients. When you simplify the payment process, you will reap better cash flow also.

Nowadays billing software POS was been used for small business to large wholesale business because it will make easy for you in creating invoices very fast with much accuracy too. Billing Software POS was used in all the wholesalers and retailers in their shops like in businesses like Textiles, Jewelry, in Super Markets.

Online billing software POS helps you to know the real-time sales & inventory data very easily. Online POS Software will also work even when there was no internet or an internet interruption.  POS billing software comes with various features such as Loyalty management, Lots & Bar-code Management, E-commerce API, discount accounting and Bulk Purchase Orders, Discounts, Accounting.


Nowadays billing software POS have been helped many businesses with faster billing because we can see in every store irrespective of the small or large store there will be always a big queue which makes the task very hard for the working employees & also makes the customers impatient to stand in a queue. Reduction of workload to the employees and happier customers and customer satisfaction was very important for every store or a business owner wants to reach & this is where exactly this billing software plays an important role in every store.


Not having billing software can save a little amount of cost, but the benefits of this billing software are insane to your business.  If there is no billing POS software you have to keep every record of all the details by using a manual way & that will cost you more like ink and paper will also costs and also time taking process. But with the help of billing software, you can able to save it all in your computer system & in the software without spending any time to write it down & also keep wasting money on pens & notebooks or logbooks to keep everything recorded of your business. It will also help you to do more amount of work rather than doing just billing work, hence you can spare or give more time to your business. The cost of the billing software POS is very affordable price.


Automated billing software will updates you about all the sold items or products daily & also integrates with the inventory & accounting software. In this way, you will be able to remain updated about all of your accounts of your business which was happening & inventory level will remains under check. Immediately after the billing was done the sold items or products will get updated within no time along with the required information of that product and details like date, time, etc.


Billing software POS will also help you to make professional approaches towards the payment bills and overdue which are yet to be paid. And you won’t miss any bill because it notifies you through your Facebook account like the notifications are about the bill being paid will be updated. For example, Just like you will keep reminders for the anniversaries and birthdays of your friends and others. So same kind of alert about the payments and the company will have resembled and there will be never in the state of payment delayed.


This billing software will also help you in online payments or for sending product invoices to the customers directly and instantly. This will particularly help your customers & also clients to get all the information of the transactions & also purchased products immediately which finally results in the customer satisfaction. This also acts as proof to the future customers about the previous clients and customers have acquired complete satisfaction from your services.


The accessibility also plays a major role in making it simple for all the business owners in order to get all the updates anywhere & by this way the business will remain in their palm of the owner. And most important is that even when you might be away on some trip or you were not in your store, then also you will remain aware of what was happening in your store or business, but all you require was only the internet connection.


There is a major benefit between the normal billing software and online billing software because online billing software will integrate with other software also to a certain extend. The inventory management & accounting software require integration because it will help in tracking inventory levels & also to keep the account of your business. In this way, it will make it very easy for you to run the business & any type of work can be done at once without you having to go through each and every software in your company to look for any kind of updates.


Fast billing is very important for any type of store or a business because making a big queue in a supermarket was one of the most annoying and irritating situations that we experience & which in turn makes us lose our patience and temper. But with the help of billing software, your customers & employees will get a more relaxed experience, because this billing software POS will help in faster and accurate billing. But in a manual manner, we need to enter each, price, information of every product which customer has bought, and then employees need to calculate the total amount with the help of some calculator, this whole process will be a time-consuming process becomes this task will be completed within few seconds by using billing software. This billing software POS will read the barcode with the help of the barcode reader & then enters all the details & it will calculate it with the printed invoice, in the end, this will all done in just few minutes with no forcing you to wait in a queue for so much of time.


There are various features of billing software POS, the features are as follows:

  • Peak hour sales, festival sales or season crowd needs no extra hands for the billing & no efforts. With billing software it will help you bill on the move, that is take payments with ease such as cash, coupon, card, coupon, part cash, gift voucher, part-card payment & more.
  • Card swipe integration to the POS billing software will make billing very instantly.
  • Billing will not stop even when the main computer is down or when it got struck or uninterrupted. ‘Offline billing’ will provide peace of mind and complete customer history will appear with a click button.
  • Surprise offers, item discounts will be given to the customers with the help of shortcuts keys in the billing screen only.
  • Shop information and reports will be accessed from your laptops and smartphones also with the help of billing software.
  • This software will also have some of the features which are used for your business such as sales-returns, product margins, sale-orders and deliveries, pending quotations, commission report, top customers & Inventory analysis reports like the dead stock report, wastage, fast-moving products, slow-moving products, etc and also helps in reordering to be most profitable.
  • All reports will be given for the user access & privileges to ensuring the security of business information like single & double-entry method, various kinds of voucher entries like a journal, contra, receipt, payment, etc
  • The flexibility of the user interface in order to enter the opening of the balance for customers, suppliers & ledger accounts
  • Easy generation of the financial statements such as Trial Balance, Profit & Loss & also Balance Sheet Generate Cash & also Fund flow, Statutory reports & file GST without any type of extra effort
  • Complete cheque management, post-dated cheque tracking, deposit, bounce, represent &, issue management also available with this billing software POS.

Till now we have been discussed what is Billing software POS, what are the advantages it has, and its features it. Now we are heading towards some of the important and best billing software’s POS in India.

Below in this article, there are given great billing software options. All of them have been offering different features but with advanced options, in those some types are free, versions also.  The options given below will helps you in order to streamline your invoicing, billing, track who owes what & also helps you to get paid sooner.


This is very simple software but one of the most widely known and used software and was mainly build to support an individual or a chain business. This software takes care of any type of retail, distribution, accounting manufacturing, ERP & payroll.  Marg was particularly designed in order to perform all types of requirements which a user wishes to have. This is one of the best billing software POS which is widely using in the supermarkets.

Some of the beneficial features which this billing software is having were Inventory management, VAT, Vendor management, Accounting, Invoicing. Pricing of the Marg ERP 9+ billing software was affordable, for the Basic edition it costs Rs. 7200, Silver edition Rs. 16000 and for Gold edition- Rs. 36000.


HD accounts and billing (HDPOS) software was one of the best accounting and billing software which was very easy to use (user friendly) and has a clean interface. It was one of the Windows-based software which manages the inventory, accounting & also billing to your business. This software is recommended as one of the best billing software for any kind of supermarket. Some of the important features which this software is having were: POS invoicing, HR and payroll, Warehouse management, Inventory management, and the Quotation of the product, etc. When comes to the pricing the standalone version will come around Rs. 17500 and client-server version will come around Rs. 10000


It was one of the fastest invoicing billing software which was made for all types of business. Sleek Bill provides various advantages like tax management, multiple invoice templates, stock, etc.  It will also able to allow you in order to create invoices, challans, quotations, and proformas with very accuracy. This was another most and best billing software which are widely used in the supermarkets.

Some of the important features are Inventory management, Product database, preparing Invoices, Reports, Invoice designer, Customer management and VAT, etc. Pricing, of this software, will be of 3 options such as, if you want this for one year then the premium license will come around 1599 rupees if lifetime premium license 2999 rupees. This billing software will come for Also comes in a free version also.


Tally ERP 9 was another most commonly used billing software that was widely known by the companies. It will manage payrolls, accounting, inventory, etc. This was one of the best billing software for the supermarkets also. Some of its important features are Mobile support, HR payroll, Job costing, POS invoicing, Barcode integration, etc. Pricing of this billing software was Silver edition comes around Rs.18000 and Gold edition for Rs. 54000


Profit books invoicing was simple but very smart and one of the finest and fastest invoicing & billing software presently trending in the market. It was simple but has strong online accounting software. It will manage all the inventory & tracks all the business functions and stores. It fits all types of business and this was one of the best billing software which is widely used in supermarkets. Pricing the of this billing software was 3 categories, in Professional version it costs Rs. 750 per month, SMB version Rs. 950 per month and an Enterprise version for Rs. 1500 per month.

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