Best business card reader or scanner for android

Best business card reader or scanner for android

Business cards are meant to keep intact the contacts of the people we met.But can we carry all the business cards everytime or isnt’t there a possibility that we have lost an important contact from our wallet.Many a times we are checking across all the business cards with us to find a particular one.Isn’t all these things need to be solved.So here is the solution.Android has come up with the apps which can read or rather scan your business card at the moment you have one.The business card reader/scanner takes the picture of the business card and scan it in such a way that the contents that is the name is saved in the contacts.So it become easy for us find a particular name from the contacts list.Lets have a look at the best business card reader or scanner for android in the following content.

CamCard Business Card Reader or scanner 


CamCard business card reader lets you scan upto 200 business cards if you download its free version form google play store.This is one of the business card reader app which is being used by a lot of people doing business,enterprenueurs and anyone who want to save the business cards on their android phones instead of carrying a pile of cards with them and with the accidental chances of missing an important contact.Not only can you save the business card,an additional feature of this business card reader/scanner is that you can add notes and reminder to any of the scanned business card.This business card reader also provide you directions to the particular business contact if you want to navigate . Moreover this app also lets you know the contact updates of any of the scanned business card contact and keeps you updated what’s going on in your business circle.

Business Card Reader SugarCRM

Business Card Reader SugarCRM is known to provide the easiest way for storing contacts on your android phone. Business Card Reader SugarCRM works in very simple steps.First step is to just take a click of the business card you want to store.once you click the business card it will automatically save it to SugarCRM system.In the second step this app will ask you whether you want an additional information for the saved contact.Once you choose yes/no ,accordingly it will move to next step or will process for the required details available.Once these steps are done a new business card contact is stored to your CRM account.

ABBYY Business Card Reader or Scanner

Abbyy business card reader is yet another business card reader or scanner with which you can save your contacts on you android phone and with the help of its cloud storage it can also sync all of your business contacts to other android device or an iOS. It can scan business cards in 21 languages and store them on your android phone.

FullContact Card Reader
Full card reader
This is one of the most amazing business card reader apps available.Unlike every other business card reader discussed above this app is amazing because this app not only use the inbuilt camera to scan business cards but also import business cards to additional 250+ apps.It not only scan one sided business cards but both sided as well.Additionally it provides any updates to you.This business card reader provides you with all you want to get rid off the pile of business cards and plus the time to import contacts from one app to other. As FullContact Card Reader does it everything this is known to be one of the best business  card reader or scanner for android.

So from the above post i hope you get to know about the available business card reader and now will be in a position to select the best business card reader/scanner for android as per your need.

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