Best Business Card Reader / Scanner for iPhone

Business card readers/scanners apps are one of the most effective ways to save time when you add your contacts to your address book. Combining the powerful camera of iPhone, it can be a good character-recognition/ text scanning can be very useful for business card scanning apps.

With the advancement of iPhone’s camera, and its ability to interpret data, it comes with no surprise that it can read most of the text for us. The perfect use case for this in the life of the average person is business card scanning, and contact management. A stack of business cards looks too eager, and a rolodex looks too ancient. Scan, save, and build relationships on those introductions using these handy tools available right at your finger-tips.

Given below is the list for one of the best business card readers available for iPhone:

Evernote Hello

If Business Card scanning is one of the features you are looking for, Evernote Hello is one of the best answer you can get. With Evernote Hello, users can keep track of everyone you have met, get reminders, triggers about meetings and relationships and connect with contacts through Facebook and LinkedIn. Just you need to take a picture and connect with other Evernote Hello user or connect them with Facebook or LinkedIn. BY doing this, you will be easily able to recall how you are associated to a person without having to trigger your memory.


With this app, you can take a picture of a business card and the information will be scanned into a contact folder so you can quickly save the information without having to type anything. The contacts can be shared with others by the help of QR codes. You can even receive notifications when the contacts change their information. This app is available for download after the payment of $2.99

Business Card Reader Pro

The best business card readers are those who recognize the text and it is all you need. Take a picture of a business card and its information will be automatically displayed on your iPhone address book. Data including, website and email are also readable. You can also export contact as .xlsx files. This app is available for download at a price of $6.99.

WorldCard Mobile

This app has optical character recognition feature which will enable you to instantly transfer information from a business card. You can sort directly by name, company, position address and more. You can sync the Google Contacts to integrate all your data together all your data together. This app is always available for $6.99.


This is a comparatively easy app to use. You can scan the business cards and it will keep it in a stack like your wallet. You can sort the different categories and share the contacts using AirDrop. This business card reader is available for free.

Foxcard Pro

Use this app to scan and import business cards directly to your stock Contacts app on your iPhone securely. You’ll be able to quickly identify contacts by their business card and you can add photos, image texts, and notes to save for later. You won’t need to log into any social networking site, either. So, if you want to keep your contacts private, you won’t have to identify anyone in LinkedIn or Facebook

FullContact Card Reader

Although text recognition technology is awesome and easy to use, it isn’t perfect. Names and words that are difficult to scan will come out looking bizarre and you may have to edit data before saving it. This app takes text recognition to the next level. Instead of a scanner that reads text, you’ll be sending your business cards to a real person that will transcribe and verify your card for you. It is like having a personal assistant right in your pocket. It is also compatible with more than 250 other third-party apps, including SalesForce, MailChimp, and more.

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