Best Entertainment Apps for Android

In the present scenario, it is very difficult to imagine life without smartphones. As the evolution of these technologies is in a very rapid state, we can expect the technologies to be more than what it is today in the present age. The smartphones have become a necessity. The normal course of action when we are free is to start playing game in our smartphone or initiate a chat just to escape boredom. So, listed below are the apps which will help you getting rid of the boredom.

MX Player

This media player is one of the most popular app of the PlayStore. The tag line of this app says, ‘The best way to enjoy your movies’. They claim it and they prove it right. It has Hardware Acceleration which helps some functions to perform faster. Some other notable features of MX Player is pinch Zoom-IN / OUT, subtitles, Kids Lock and many more. MX Player has got more than 2,346,958 five star reviews which makes it best entertainment app for your mobile.


If you love Mimicry, Dubsmash is a perfect app for you. It allows the users to mimic on popular dialogues and then you can dramatize it with the same voice over. This app also allows us to share the app on social media platforms to gain popularity. This is a free app with 4.2 rating by over 1,352,077 users.


You can take Quora as an encyclopedia or a perfect platform for posting your queries which is tickling your mind. Quora helps you to get fabulous replies from the experts in the respective fields. The best part about this app is that yyou can ask anything under the sky and beyond and people will be there for no-nonsense answer. Ask Quora and the chances of you getting disappointed is very rare. Quora is a free app with a rating of 4.5 by 124,737 users.


If you are any kind of sports or a TV show fan, Hotstar is the app for you. You can do live streaming of a match and pause whenever you want. The movie catalogue of this app is updated regularly and the best part is that it does not require any registration. You can watch the shows for free so that there is no need to download the videos illegally.

Google Play Books

This is a cross platform e-book application. The user can purchase and download an e-book from the Play Store. In addition, you can also upload around 1000 e-books that are in pdf or EPUB format to the Google Play Book’s account. This app requires a Google account to access the e-books.

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