Best Flash Player Browser for cydia iPhone and its installation

To know what a flash player can do we should know about the cydia iPhone. Then we will later discus the best flash player browsers available for iPhones.


What is cydia iPhone?
Cydia iPhone application is a software application that works for IOS that enables the users to install use software packages. This works on jailbroken iPhone, iPad etc. cydia is an application store that will help you find every application whether it is a game or any other productive application it is available on cydia. You can have several themes for you iPhone and you can change the look for your mobile as well.

Flash Players browsers for Cydia iPhone:

Safari biggest problem is for flash player. Well when the iPhone itself is jail broken then it becomes really difficult for safari to be used. In this situation some potential flash players can be used.

Puffin free browser:

puffin browser

This puffin browser specifically works for iPhone but nor for any android mobiles. This browser can be replaced by safari and this happens to be one of the browsers with best performances. This flash player has the best processing speed and this amazing flash player browser works lag free and without any advertisement. This can help you surf net as fast as your network speed issues it.

Some other flash player browser and its installation:
“Frash” flash player can be assumed as other flash player instead of safari browser. We need to know the steps about how to download the flash player.


Open the cydia application and tap the manager option down below. Then tap on the sources and select the edit option. A pop up box will get open then there type and then hit the add source option.then search for “frash” flash player and tap the icone for frash to install it. Then it will automatically start installing the flash player.


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