Best front loading washing machines in India

There has been massive improvement is washing machines over the time. So now we have front loading washing machines in India. One who has gain massive market in few years plus with amazing features have caught eyes for many buyers, thus creating great market for suppliers as well. Indians on the other hand has also supported these styles and they are looking forward as a positive change in front loading washing machines. These front loading washing machines have made life way simpler for many people, the one who have to do a lot of work in one moment. These amazing washing machines have somehow made life easier for many and have reduced the energy consumption levels. They mostly have worked for women who mostly stay at home and do the washing. These efficient front loading machines are within the budget and yes they cost the lesser of the electricity. List below will help you find more about these front loading machines.

Best front loading washing machines in India:
LG washing machine:


LG has been around Indian market for some time. They have now introduced these washing machines with latest designs and some exotic colors. LG recently has introduced front loading washing machines; these machines have two years warranty as well. The technology it has is Inverter Direct Drive Technology, Wrinkle Prevention, Pre wash, Intensive Wash, Hand Wash, Medic Rinse, Hygienic Wash, Timers, and Digital Display. Most expensive washing machine design for LG is LG F1280CDP2 Washing Machine which consists of 45406 rupees. The lowest in price range is LG F8091MD2 Washing Machine making of 23793 rupees.
SAMSUNG washing machine:


Samsung comprises of many washing machines but the go for us is the extra-ordinary front loading machine known as WF8652NFV which is ranked as third world best washing machine as well. Considered as the best and one among the types who holds the clothes in a way that they never gets a chance to squeeze out of dream. Its most expensive washing machine is WD0904W8Y1/XTL Washing Machine which consists for 68678 rupees. Well the lowest in price range is Samsung WF1600NCW/TL 6Kg Front Load Washing machine of Rupees 22611.
Bosch washing machine:


This multinational company in India manufactures its products in Europe and it has some amazing quality featuring products. They specialize in front loading machines now but die to imported material its price is comparatively higher than other washing brands in India. It uses less power, reducing your power consumption makes it cost effective. It is noise free and has automatic free dial for any command. It has programmed base combination, amazing timer and super spinning speed for drying purpose. It has child lock, unbalance alarm, 30 cm porthole with 140 degree opening door and yes the cycle buzzer as well.
WHIRLPOOL washing machine:


It is ranked as top 4th washing machine in India. It has full automatic front load washing machine which makes it ranking up the order. It has hundred preset programs. It supports some of the features like e wash (soak), heavy wash, normal wash, delicate wash, quick wash and hot water wash. It is also equipped with features like wash load sensor, automatic drainage, auto restart and child locks. This makes it quite reasonable washing machine for Indian market.

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