Nowadays, in every house, we are able to see a washing machine both semi as well as fully automatic. But in general, only a few people are using a fully automatic washing machine, which does every task from cleaning to drying of the clothes in a stretch.

Recently technology has developed tremendously which help a lot to the people in their daily life. The best example is the washing machine, it is one of the best inventions, which helps to wash clothes & save your time & also energy. When you have a best fully automatic washing machine, you can save even more time & energy.



Before purchasing a washing machine one should go through all the reviews and features of the product in order to choose the best one of your choice. By keeping an eye on the future needs and long term requirement, you need to buy a good washing machine, which is having all kind of features such as cloth caring & cleaning facilities.


The loading type doesn’t matter at all whether it is a top loading or a front loading system. But the fully automatic front loading washing machine was gentler on the cloth fabrics when compared with the top loading machine. In terms of saving water & energy, the excellent option is the front loader machines. But front loading machines were heavier when compared with the top loading washing machines. Top-loading & front-loading machines almost share common functional features. But Benefits of the Top-Loaders are No bending, Largest Capacity. As well as the front loader is also having some benefits like Energy efficient, compact size with less water usage.


In a fully automatic washing, machine size and weight also matter. The size of the machine drum always differs from the 5-10 Kg. The factors affected by the drum size are, it will consume much electricity & power consumption will be more also.


A perfect washing machine should be more efficient, or else it will consume much electricity & also water, which is not suggestible for both environmental & financial. So, better to check the power consumption & water capacity of the machine before purchasing. If the machine is for personal use then 7.5 Kg water capacity machine will be perfect, because it consumes less amount of water & also efficient.


No matters if you are going to purchase a fully automatic machine or semi-automatic washing machine. Because both of the machines will have some extra features & different price tags. But the commonly shared features of both types are:

  • As you know all washing machines will produce some noise & vibrations while running, so before considering a machine you can able to find about the noise & also vibration parameter.
  • As we discussed earlier that the large capacity will have much heavy power consumption. But if you wish for having the machine for doing large washes or bulk washes, then better to consider for a large-capacity washer. Because large sized machines will be having less energy-efficient but they offer various features.
  • An option called automatic dispenser will be particularly designed to dispense the detergent & fabric softener. But there are some kinds of machines which they don’t have. So do check it before considering.
  • A machine should have multi-functioning options, so it can perform various functions, because of the functions it will increase the productivity & also efficiency. Now-a-days most of the washing machines are coming with washer & dryer also. This type of machines also having compact & lightweight with a lot of other features such as water temp control, wash & dryer timer set etc.

Below given are some of the best fully automatic washing machines in India which help to guide you to buy the best machine which performs all washing task with ease. These washing machines will able to support all the above features & complete all your needs.


This Bosch washing machine model was one of the best fully automatic model in India which is currently available in every electronic store and even in online. This machine is a front loading type which comes with the capacity of 7kg & other advanced features. The warranty period is ten years on a motor which is maximum warranty period. The maximum spin speed was 1200 rpm. Special wash programs which can be set for different clothes and you can able to set different programs like Sari, Synthetics, Hygiene, Kids Wear, Drum Clean, Daily Wash, Delicate, Silk and Wool clothing. Other advance features such as Active water, Reload Wash Option, Monsoon Program, AntiVibration Design, AllergyPlus+ECARF, Pre-Activated, SpeedPerfect, Time Delay 24hrs.


IFB Senorita was another best fully automatic machine which is equally good as Bosch. It is having the 6.5kg capacity with some advanced features such as Auto Imbalance System, Tub clean, Foam Control System. There is another model in this IFB, if you wish to have the higher capacity model, you can go with the IFB Senator Aqua SX which is having 8 Kg capacity. Maximum rotation speed was 1000 RPM. This product has 4 years warranty, 7 segments of LED display, and having different wash care programs such as stains 40, stains 60, Express 15, baby wear, mixed fabric, hand wash, wool, delicates and cotton clothes, special washing program for the smaller wash load, aqua energy feature which able to convert the hard water to soft for the better & more efficient wash. This product is also having 2D Shower system, with this option water motion dynamically facilitates will be created for the better wash.


It LG washing machine has the capacity of 6Kg and the price was also bit reasonable when compared with above models. This Fully-automatic front-loading washing machine has a maximum rotational speed of 1000 RPM with six motion DD, inverted control, inverter direct drive technology, smart diagnosis system, tub clean option, rinse hold and pre-wash, baby cloths care program. This product has 2 years warranty with 10 Years on Motor.


IFB TL-RDW 6.5Kg was a top loaded fully automatic washing machine has the 6.5Kg capacity. The good part about this product is available at much lower cost with 8 wash programs and with a maximum rotational speed of 720 RPM. Advance features such as Deep Clean, 3D wash system, aqua spa therapy, 3D Wash System, Smart Sense with 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty.



LG T72CMG22P fully automatic top loading washing machine has the 6.2Kg capacity. It was currently on of the top of bestseller products on various online websites. This product is having Punch plus 3 pulsators, 10 water level selections, transparent window, having 800 RPM rotation speed. When comes to different programs it has Fuzzy, blanket, wool and quick wash, the Special program such as Extra rinse, tub clean; temperature selection such as cold water inlet. Powerful washing programs with various multi water flow, water circulation, smart filter, turbo drum, waterfall circulation and smart filter, digital display, turbo soak, health plus filter, memory backup.

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