Best Gas Stove in INDIA

The traditional way of cooking in India was cooking on live fire which was even known as chulha. Chulha was basically made from bricks and mud was considered as a boon for cooking meals in our day to day life. Cooking foods by using chulha required natural fuel like woods and grass is considered unhealthy and is responsible for a lot of pollutions for the environment. Time have changed now and ancient methods of using chulha have given way to modern technologies of a gas stove and electric stoves. Using modern techniques of gas stoves has been a beneficial for cooking food fastly and easily. The discovery of gas stoves has given new meaning and life to the way of cooking good foods at our home. In this article, we will discuss the best gas stoves in India. Below is the list of best gas stoves in India.

Top five Best gas stoves in India:

In this article, we will review about the top five best gas stove in Indiawe have taken into consideration the number of burners on the gas stove, weight of the gas stove, body type of the gas stoves whether it’s a glass body or stainless steel type and has a minimum warranty of one year. Below is the list of top five best gas stove in India.

#1 Prestige Premia glass 4 burner gas stove:

One of the best gas stove in India has 4 burners and comes out with a toughened glass surface. The design of this gas stove is quite attractive and is beautifully crafted to be among the top of the list. The 4 burners add richness to the product along with the design. Prestige has a brand name which has lots of reputation in Indian market along with this the performance of the product add plus point to the elegant design.

The design is spill proof and comes out with a toughened glass giving it a rich look. The color of the toughened glass is a mixture of black and white adding elegance to the best gas stove in IndiaThe glass provided over the stove is breakable but is not harmful. As it comes along with toughened glass hence it is not easily breakable. The gas stove comes with manual ignition and you can use a normal gas lighter to light it.

The burners are high-Efficiency brass burners and there are total 4 number of burners which comes along with individual pan support. Prestige provides two years of warranty with this product. The knob is very well designed and smooth to use.

No. Of burners: – 04

Warranty: – 2 years

Ignition: – Manual

Weight: – 4.2 KG

This product is currently at the top of our list of five best gas stove in India.

#2 Prestige Marvel Glass Top Gas Table

If you are looking for a product which is a beast in performance though a little less in its design and you want to stick to a brand like Prestige than this is the best gas stove in India for you. The price of this gas stove is very less than the prestige Primia but in terms of performance, it’s far better than the previous version.

This gas stove is also having four burners and a glass top table but it doesn’t have dual color options in it. The product has single color glass burner which is in black and comes out with separate pan support. The burners used in this product is tri-pin burner and is of very high quality.

The knob of the gas stove is perfectly designed and smooth in functioning. Rest of the part of the product is made up of stainless steel is quite tough and solid. It comes along with two years of warranty from prestige and weighs on the higher side.

No. Of burners: – 04

Warranty: – 2 years

Ignition: – Manual

Weight: – 11 KG

#3 Pigeon favorite 3 burner black line cook top stove

In the category of three burner gas stove it is the best gas stove in India. Pigeon company has a very good reputation in kitchen appliance and especially in gas stove. In gas stove having a glass top, this product is the most affordable in the market.

The glass top is in black color which gives a rich look and also the product looks very costly. Only two burner are main and can take heavy vessels whereas the other third burner can only take smaller vessels.

The product comes along with 2 years of warranty and has manual ignition mode.

No. of burners- 03

Warranty – 2 years

Ignition- Manual

weight – 7 KG

#4 Sunflame Crystal 4B Bk 4 Burner- Black Gas Stove

After Pigeon and Prestige, Sunflame is another brand which has a very good reputation of manufacturing best gas stove in India. This 4 burner gas stove is having a black glass top which is quite robust in design and the glass top is toughened enough.

There is euro coated pan supports with stainless steel drip trays which make it among the list of the best gas stove in India. The product drip trays are coated with sheet metal base and are consisted of manual ignition. The burners are of two types, two burners are small of size 65mm and two burners are big of size 90mm.

This product comes along with a warranty of two years and weighs around 10 Kg. The product is quite cheaper in comparison with Prestige 4 burners gas stove. Knobs are very smooth to function and rich in design.

No. of burners – 04

Warranty- 2 Years

Ignition- Manual

Weight- 10 KG

#5 Pigeon Blackline Smart Gas Stove, 2 Burner

Pigeon brand has its name in entry level gas stove also and it provides the best gas stove in India. The product is of 2 burners type comes along with glass top made of toughened glass. The design and performance of this gas stove are very efficient and comes out with spill proof design. Gas stove has a high thermal efficiency which makes its performance even better.

The knobs of the product are well designed and provide rich look. It has a black glass top and two burners also comprise of designed pan. It requires very less space and is light weighted. This product comes along with a warranty of two years which makes it on our list of the best gas stove in India.

No. of Burners- 02

Warranty- 2 Years

Ignition- Manual

weight- 6 KG


A gas stove is an appliance to have it in your kitchen, so you should make sure that you select the best gas stove in India. We have listed the best gas stove in India so that you can pick what suits you the best option.





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