Best Gear Cycles Under 10000/15000/20000

Cycling is one of the best ways to burn those extra calories and stay fit. And what else can be better than riding a gear cycle to give a kickstart to your fit lifestyle? One can easily take some time out of their day-to-day leisure activities and have a smooth ride on a bicycle with their friends and family. We are going to suggest to you some of the best gear cycles that we found worthy of your money.

Best gear cycles under 10000/15000/20000

1. Hero Sprint Next 24T 18 Speed Mountain Bike  

Hero is a very known brand in the automobile and bicycle industry. When it comes to delivering genuine products, this brand never disappoints. This mountain bike by Hero is a perfect example of a top-notch gear bicycle in the market. It is specially designed for beginners with an 18-speed transmission mode, that offers you high and low gear range for easy cycling on inclined and mountain roads. It is one of the best gear cycles under 10000 in India.

    Manufacturer: Hero

    Color: Red Black

    Size: 24

    Speed Rating: 18 Speed (6*3)

It is a dual suspension bike with a wheel size of 24 inches which gives your cycle a better grip on bumpy roads. Made from Robust 17″ steel construction, it also has supreme built quality in its price range. Those PU saddle bicycle seats are very comfortable to sit upon and ensure you a safe and healthy ride every time. Also, the V-brakes located at the front and rear, offer high resistance to immediately stop the bike in emergencies.

  • • It comes at a very handy price.
  • • The PU saddle can be adjusted as per the requirement of the rider.
  • • The mudguards prevent dirt from projecting towards the rider to deliver a hassle-free off-road riding experience.
  • • Available in two different colors.
  • • A basic toolkit is missing in this semi-assembled cycle.

 2. Hercules TopGear CX70 Dual Suspension 18 Speed Bicycle (26T)

Established in 1949, Hercules is famous for revolutionizing the world of ‘two-wheeler’ transport. Hercules Cx70 is designed with the best

specifications for today’s boys. It has an 18 speed Shimano gear system that can help you increase the speed of your bicycle as per your wish.

 Manufacturer: Hercules

 Color: Black

 Size: 26T

 Speed Rating: 18 Speed

Recommended to 13 and above years of age, this cycle has 6 gears in the front while three gears are in the rear, which helps you in clocking the speed of your bicycle. It is ideal for people above a height of 5 feet and has a better material thickness with a double tube rugged design. It also has an elliptically shaped dual suspension (front and rear suspension) that absorbs shock bumps very easily.

  • • The Flying fenders mudguards keep the dirt in check whenever you ride the bicycle.
  • • The Dual suspension system helps your wheels accurately track the terrain.
  • • It is available at a very affordable price.
  • • It doesn’t have a disc brake system.

3. Love Children Freedom Jaguar Fat gear cycle 26T

Keep your family and friends fit and joyful by recommending this colorful bicycle to them. This fat bike is specialized in the off-road and on-road cycling experience with 4 inch thick tires and a 26-inch rim to give you smooth riding in low-pressure areas. It is one of the best gear cycles available in the market.

  Manufacturer: Love 

  Color: Black-Grey

  Wheel Size: 26 inches

  Speed Rating: 21 speed

With an 18-inch carbon steel frame suitable for everyone, it can handle heavy-weight objects very easily. It comes with a 21 Shimano gear system and dual disc brakes for better grip and support when you are on the road. The attractive design and look justify the name of this cycle with 26*4-inch thick tires backing it. It can easily carry a person weighing up to 130 kgs and is ideal for people who are 5 feet or above.

  • • It is available in five different color variants.
  • • The stainless steel used in its body is rust-free.
  • • It has a very colorful 18-inch frame and body.
  • • Ideal for both kids and adults on high terrain as well as low-pressure areas.
  • • It only has a front suspension. No back suspension is available on the bicycle.

4. Hero Ranger DTB-VX 26T 6 Speed Mountain Cycle

This is another high-performance bike by Hero with a very compatible design for riding on and off roads. It has a 19.7″ steel suspension frame that makes it a perfect mountain bike for men. With a dual caliper brake system, it is delivered in a semi-assembled condition (85% assembled).

Manufacturer: Hero

Color: Black Green

Wheel Size: 26 inches

Speed Rating: Single Speed

The twin fork suspension equipped in the cycle offers you a smooth and comfortable ride on mountain roads. You can also adjust your cycle seat to make your ride more adventurous.

  • • It has a dual suspension system that keeps your ride full of fun and comfort.
  • • The Black-Green color combo makes it look more stylish and eye-catching.
  • • It comes with both fronts as well as rear reflectors for your safety.
  • • A very decent frame size of 16.7 inches.
  • • It has only a 6-speed (single-speed) gear system.

5. Viva Aero 26T Multispeed Mountain Bike

This stunning bicycle by Viva is an 18″ frame size bike that is equipped with 21 speed Shimano gears. The 26″ double-wall alloy wheels allow you to ride this bike on inclined roads suitably. It comes with a front disc brake that allows you to put an end instantly to the speed of the cycle when needed.


Color: Black- Red

Wheel Size: 26 inches

Speed Rating: 21 speed (7*3)

The rear derailleur made from Shimano Tz50 allows the shifting of the chain on the bike very smoothly that allows you to change the speed of your bicycle whenever you need. Made from very supreme quality steel, the black-red color combo keeps the dirt and dust out of reach. It is also one of the best cycles under 15000.

  • • It comes with a very durable mountain bike frame.
  • • It is equipped with steel fork suspension technology for your comfort and support.
  • • It has a 21 speed (7*3) gear system.
  • • You will have to buy the mudguards separately if you want to add them.

6. AXAN Fat Bicycle with Dual Disc Breaks 21 Shimano Gears 

If you are crazy about buying a fat bike at an affordable price, this bicycle is a great option for you. It is very comfortable when you compare it with a normal-sized cycle. The 160 mm silver alloy dual disc brake system gives your bike a perfect brake when it is speeded up. It is also amongst one of the best gear cycles in the market.

Manufacturer: Amardeep Cycles

Color: Black 

Wheel Size: 26 inches

Speed Rating: 21 Speed

The carbon steel body looks very promising when it comes to your safety and comfort. Also, the 26* 4-inch extra-wide tires give you a very effortless riding experience even on rough and inclined surfaces. It can easily handle up to 130 kgs in weight which makes it a great option for those who are slightly heavier. Also, it is very well specialized on and off-road with a very fast responding tx 30 derailleurs to help you adjust the pressure and speed of your bike appropriately. It is also amongst one of the best gear cycles under 20000.

  • • Ideal for all the people who are 5 feet and above.
  • • It comes with an 18-inch frame and a dual disc brake system.
  • • The seat is cushioned very well for people who suffer from back pain.
  • • It has a single suspension (Front suspension).

7. MDS Unlimited CYCLES ROADY 26 inch 21 Shimano Gear Dual Suspension Double Disc Brake Foldable MTB Cycle for Unisex (Black-Red)

What else can be better than having a bicycle that you can carry with you wherever you go? This is a very handy bike that has a foldable dual suspension and can be moved anywhere. The 18″ frame design makes it suitable to be used by both men and women. With those front and rear disc brakes, you can easily stop those super stylish and fast double alloy flashy rims.

Manufacturer: MDS Unlimited Cycles

Color: Red Black

Wheel Size: 26 inches

Speed Rating: 21 Speed

This all-mountain bike with front fork suspension and rear cylinder suspension offers you a seamless riding experience every time. This cycle is designed under expert supervision with precision to fit your daily needs. The attractive matte finishing Black Red color makes this bicycle more worthy of its price.

  • • The company gives you 2 years of frame warranty against any manufacturing defect.
  • • You can easily fold it and fit it into the backside of your car.
  • • The 21 original Shimano tourney gears give you an upper edge over others.
  • • Also, you get a 1-year warranty for front fork suspension.
  • • We haven’t observed any setbacks so far.

8. Dexter Front Suspension 21-Speed Adventure Sports Mountain Bike 

This is a Carbon steel frame bicycle by Dexter with a frame size of 18 inches. It is equipped with an original seat that can be adjusted based on your height so that you can fully stretch your legs when enjoying your ride on it. The 26* 4-inch tires are suitable for every teenager or adult who is above 5 feet. 

Manufacturer: Enn Ess Industries

Color: Blue

Wheel Size: 26 inches

Speed Rating: 21 Speed 

The front suspension absorbs the shocks and bumps that are generated when you ride on rough roads. Its smooth trigger shifting with 21 speeds helps you ride this bicycle comfortably even on high and slippery terrain surfaces, making it a reliable partner for you. Packed with a pair of mechanical disc brakes (front and rear), it becomes easy to stop this bicycle on bumpy and smooth roads.

  • • The 18-inch frame given in the bike is very lightweight to make your ride easier.
  • • It comes in 4 different stylish color variants.
  • • The company also gives you a pair of free mudguards with the bicycle.
  • • It consists of only front suspension (no rear suspension available).

9. Hercules Roadeo Turner 2016 26T 21 Speed Premium Geared Cycle

This bicycle from the house of Hercules comes in a semi-assembled form and is manufactured from high-quality aluminum alloy. The cycle comes with an adjustable PU Saddle and reflectors on both sides (front and rear). Its highly responsive suspension system absorbs the shock and offers you a smooth ride on all terrains.

Manufacturer: Hercules

Color: Azure Blue

Wheel Size: 26 inches

Speed Rating: 21 speed 

To shift the speed of the cycle easily, you get fire thumb shifters with a 21 speed Shimano gear system. This cycle comes in almost 90% assembled form and gives you a premium feeling whenever you ride it. It also has a very ideal frame size of 18.5 inches that is suitable for everyone above 11 years of age.

  • • It comes at a very affordable price.
  • • The dual suspension system makes the ride for you more comfortable.
  • • The steel material used in the bicycle keeps it free from stains and dirt.
  • • You get a V-brake on both wheels of this gear cycle.
  • • All it misses out on is a pair of mudguards.

10. Omobikes Model 1.7 Cross Country Bike

Stand out in the crowd with this ultra-stylish and a colorful bicycle which is going trendy these days. The anti-rust frame makes this premium-looking cycle more eye-catching. This is a 26T hybrid bicycle with V-brakes on both ends suitable for men, women, kids, and adults. It is also one of the best gear cycles under 15000.

Manufacturer: Omobikes

Color: Black

Wheel Size: 26 inches

Speed Rating: 7 Speed

It is a medium-sized cross-country gear cycle that is ideal for everyone who is above 5 feet. The lightweight, high tensile strength steel frame with perfect geometry is a great option to take a ride in the mornings and during your leisure time. It is also one of the best cycling gear 2020.

This 7-speed gear cycle has a quill-type handlebar with comfortable PU grips which aligns your body in proper symmetry while riding it. You also get a super stylish pair of colored rims made from double-wall alloy.

  • • You can easily ride on it up to 100 km. per day.
  • • It is a very lightweight bicycle that can easily carry heavy weighing objects on it.
  • • It comes with a 2 years warranty for its frame.
  • • The dual anti-rust coating and colorful double-wall alloy rims make this cycle a splendid deal.
  • • It only has a 7-speed gear system equipped.

These were some of the best deals sorted by us to make your choice while buying a gear cycle easier. If you love to go on long rides with your friends and family slowly and steadily, then buying a gear cycle is a great option for you. Not only this, if you are keen to be a cyclist and you love to speed race with your friends, then buying the above-given products can help you achieve the pace of your life. But before buying a gear cycle, you must keep certain things in mind:

1. Durability

The durability of a gear cycle is one of the most important things. As beginners tend to fall very frequently while learning the art of cycling, you need to look for the durability of a cycle before buying it.

2. Gear system 

Average quality gear systems can collapse very easily and can even lead to injuries when you are driving the bicycle. Buying a cycle equipped with a high-speed gear system like the Shimano gear system can sort this issue perfectly. Remember to oil your gear systems regularly to keep them rust-free.

3. Budget

Budget plays a very major role while buying a gear cycle. If you want to buy the best gear cycle, then you must set a limit under which you want to buy a product with the best features and specifications.

4. The physique of the rider

Body structure also plays a very important role while buying a cycle. If you are tall and a bit heavy, then a cycle with thick tires might be a great option for you.

5. Availability of spare parts

Sometimes looking for the spare part of your bicycle maybe be troublesome and tiring. So you must opt for a cycle whose spare parts are easily available in the market at affordable prices.

6.The material of the frame

There are quite a few different frames used in the production of bicycles. You should buy a cycle with a frame that suits your body and provides you comfort.

 7. Low maintenance 

Gear cycles require more care and maintenance when compared to ordinary cycles. So choosing a bicycle that comes with a low maintenance cost might be a great option for you to save some bucks.

8. Resale Value

Brand plays a major role in determining the resale value of a product. You should go for a bicycle that offers you a great market value even you want to sell it.

9. Quality of the Steel used

Steel is a heavier object that might be a problem for some people. Buying a steel frame cycle that is long-lasting, provides you adequate comfort, and comes at an affordable price sounds like the best option.

These were some of the things that the buyer must remember when looking for a gear cycle. The color and design of the bicycle also play a role in determining its market value. While teenagers love to ride a super stylish cycle on roads, adults prefer to go for something sleek and simple.

FAQs asked by customers

1. Why buying a gear cycle is better than an ordinary bicycle?

Gear cycles come with a speed-shifting technology that allows you to have better control over your cycle on inclined and rough roads. Not only this, but you can also shift the gear and decrease the speed of your cycle thereby increasing the amount of effort you are putting in cycling to keep up with the calorie-burning rate.

2. Which frame is ideal for teenagers and adults?

While buying a gear cycle, choosing the appropriate frame size means a lot. The medium frame size is ideal for people who are above 5 feet.

3. What is the difference between fat gear bicycles and other gear bicycles?

If you are slightly heavier in weight and you love to ride mountain bikes then fat bicycles will be a great option for you. But if you are more inclined towards speed then buying a normal tire gear cycle will be the best.

4. Whether riders should use the mudguards while riding or not?

While this solely depends on the rider, using a mudguard can help you keep the body of your bicycle free from dust and dirt. A gear cycle without mudguards looks sassier and stylish.

5. Are these cycles delivered assembled or unassembled?

Almost all the gear cycles come in a semi-assembled form. The company assembled almost 80-85% of the bicycle and delivers it to you. The rest of the parts can either be assembled on your own or with the help of a technician.

What does the speed rating system in a gear cycle indicate?

Speed rating shows the number of different gear shifting variations available in your bicycle. For example, a 21-speed gear system consists of 7*3 different gear shift variations that produce speed and accuracy while you ride the bicycle.

These were some of the frequently asked questions by customers regarding gear bicycles.


Buying one of the best gear cycles might seem to be a tough choice considering the number of options available in the market. We have tried our best to sort the best deals for you available in the market at the best price. A decent gear bike comes with an anti-rust frame colored in bright and shiny colors to make you stand out from the crowd. A medium-sized frame gear cycle with proper suspension technology equipped helps you ride on high terrain and rough roads comfortably. You must keep a regular check on the oiling of the gears and screws of your bicycle for its long-lasting life. Keep these things in mind while buying a gear cycle and invest your money in this great asset to build your body and mind.

We hope that these reviews were of some help to you

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