Astrology was actually considered as a scholarly practice. Many centuries ago, various cultures studied stars & planets alongside alchemy, medicine & other sciences. Astrological charts have been created & been used for the insight into coming events for the Earth & its occupants. But nowadays, astrologers are taking information from their clients & study charts in order to give a person a brief look at themselves through the cosmic lens. Astrological charts were very complicated, various factors should be considered which includes date, time, time zone & also calendar changes. So hence to do this manually, one should study different techniques which were been developed by astrologers, and this process will take so many years to learn. But nowadays Astrology or horoscope software has been eliminated the protracted time which involves in consulting various sources & need for extensive education because in various cases, you need to simply type the information in each chart requires, & then the software will calculate everything for you.

Because of technology growth, computers have been made our human lives much easier. We can carry out various complicated tasks & calculations on our computer without wasting much time, which comes in very handy. Most of the work has been replaced with the computer programs similarly astrology has also been incorporated into the computer programs.

The astrology software used for entertainment purposes helps you to write horoscopes, supplement Tarot readings. Various astrology website services are existing today & these are very good options if you are dabbling in astrology. It was also the best option if you don’t mind paying a monthly fee for report-writing services. When you purchase horoscope software, you will get an unlimited access to all calculations, charts, reports, and interpretations. Below given were some of the best horoscope software in India which are widely used by the people.


Kundali Chakra was long running astrology software and was most trusted by various professionals, all over the world. This software was full of various features & was also having customizable options, which can help you to deliver professional predictions with one click button. This software can be updated regularly & bugs can also be fixed as soon as possible. Kundali Chakra was having following features

  • Horoscope
  • Match Making
  • P system
  • P.S system
  • Numerology (predictions)
  • Numerology (Match Making)
  • Transit Study
  • NaamKaran (Vedic Method)
  • NaamKaran (Western Method)
  • Detailed Predictions
  • Bio Rhythmic Charts


This was other great astrological software which was out for calculated predictions & reports. Solar Fire Gold comes packed with different kinds of standard features of any astrological software & includes astrological calendar & superior predictive algorithm as advertised by its makers. The calculations & methods were used to predict the person future in this software are claimed to be more professional and accurate when compared with its competitors, because it was claimed by the manufacturer of the software. Some of the important features which make Solar Fire Gold as a standard astrological software was

  • Swiss Ephemeris Calculation System
  • Create all types of charts
  • Personalize you charts
  • Astro Maps


Janus was other astrology software which was developed by Astrology House New Zealand in the year of 1980s which was widely trusted by various professionals. Janus software was made to be as a reliable & stable through all your needs. Janus was been centered around medieval, uranian and horary astrology techniques & was been guides as well as tools for all the 3 different types of techniques. Another great feature this software has been included in the list was the Astro Mapping utility, helps as atlas & a prediction engine which can help you to find the best places in the world to do almost anything. This software will also make & even calculates the astrological predictions based on all 3 types of techniques, Medieval, Horary and Uranian. These all make this software as highly versatile. Janus was been feature packed astrology software with all kinds of basic functions of any type of astrology software. Janus has been a great choice of various professionals and beginners.


This was an ideal horoscope software for all professionals and as well as for the beginners who want the product to be worth every penny which they paid. This software was been regularly updated & it also has a good customer support which can able to help you troubleshoot most of your problems & issues with the software. Keplar is also having a great graphical design & also user interface which will help to make everything easily accessible. Keplar software comes with a bundle of basic tools & utilities, which can help to improve your experience such as audio interpretations of various charts & calculations. This software ensures optimum accuracy in all your predictions without anything to worry about it. Keplar software was a great tool targeted mostly to the beginners & also includes around 47 – 50 lessons of astrology which will help you to improve as a beginner to a professional. Even if you are a beginner to this profession, who was having no idea, this Keplar courses will help you a lot. Apart from all the features, this software includes 18000 charts & mappings of planetary bodies, exclusive of different celebrities from all around the globe, to help you in order to practice & improve your learned lessons. So hence Keplar software was great astrology software for all of you, particularly if you are a beginner because the software will come with a bundle of astrology lessons & also mock data which will always help you to practice & hone your astrology skills.


AstrolDeluxe Report Writer was another great astrology software which was been developed by Halloran Software, it will help you for all your astrological needs. This software was a basic bundle of all kinds of astrology tools & utilities which could possibly need for a beginner user. This software can able to create different astrological charts for all your prediction needs and also layout Astro Carto Graphy maps for you in order to study & interpret for the better results. Apart from all these features and options, another main feature which makes AstrolDeluxe Report Writer was its Report Creating engine that was even more powerful & accurate. You can able to provide user details & also basic information to the report writer & then sit back & you need to wait for the final result to be created. This particular software can also able to create a house or any other aspect of specific reports, and mainly focusing on that aspect of the prediction, in order to create more detailed outline & predictions by using the given report & charts. This software will also allow the user to create the control groups by using the already existing & also collected data, in order to compare the results & verify the results for better accuracy.


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