Best Installous Alternatives

The Installous is considered to be the best third party cracked downloader app for the iOS smartphones when one is downloading the IPA files. Although this is the case there are so many of us who often find problems using this app and they would tend to disagree with the above statement that Installous if the best downloader app. You should however not let yourself experience any difficulties when using this app while there is an easier way out of the problems experienced when using this app which is to try the Installous alternatives. If you are interested in getting to know what these alternatives, you need to stick with us as we give you an insight on some of the best Installous alternatives in the list below.


The vShare


This is an app which basically uses the same resources as the Installous and therefore you will be guaranteed to get to view the type of files you might want to download in your iOS device. It is mostly said as to having the same features as the installous but it is quite different in its user interface and therefore if you have used the installous, you will not find it hard to use this app. However before you get to use this phone, you are required to download the AppSync for you to effectively use this app in your device. With its general community, followers and developers being as professional as it can get, you will be assured to find solutions to any of the problems you may want to address in regards to effectively using this app.

The AppCake

Although it is a new entry into the iOS market it has grown to become very popular mostly because of its effective features. Going by the development of the apps that are to be used by the iOS devices it would be quite true to state that most of the apps used by these devices are usually built in a similar manner if they have been designed to perform a similar task. The AppCake is no different and is considered to be very similar to the Installous app and therefore it will probably not give you any difficulties in using it.


i-Funbox is considered to be the best installous alternative app in the sense that its effectiveness can only be compared to that of installous. This type of downloader app has been greatly designed to make it easier for its users to use and operate it. It is not only considered as very easy to use bit it is also considered as an enjoying and fun app to use. Its user interface is very user friendly and therefore with this app in your iOS device, you will be able to access the IPA files and download them with ease. Its user friendly interface makes it easier for anyone who owns an iOS device to use this app. Although this app has been mainly designed to work efficiently on the Desktop, this does not make it any less of a good installous alternative app.

The IPA search

You will agree with me that downloading something from the designers’ site is probably what everyone should do when they want to download an app and this is why you may find it very worthy for you to download the IPA files from the IPA search. By visiting this site from your iPhone you will be able to get the relevant IPA files you might be in need of. Although you are guaranteed to get the relevant IPA files you might want, you will not be able to install those files with this app until you get to have another app that can install these files. So if you decide to use this alternative to download your IPA files you will need you have another app to install those files.

IPA Installer Console

This is one app you do not want to miss out on as it makes your IPA files downloading process a very easy process. It gives its users the opportunity to install the IPA files and at the same time you also get the chance to edit the iTunesMetadata.plist to suit your requirements. Although you cannot download those files with this app, it surely does give you a very good opportunity of installing those files without experiencing any difficulties. This app is also very useful in that its users are able to run apps on devices that are not officially supported by those apps. This is a very good feature especially with the iOS devices and therefore with this app, you will be able to run some of those apps that have not been designed for the iOS devices.


This is a very interesting app that you need to make sure you get to have in your iOS device especially since it is where you will get access to some of those cracked apps that you get to install in your phones that you would have otherwise not being able to install without them being first cracked. Although it is quite new to the industry, it guarantees to help you solve all your IPA files problems and therefore you need to make sure that get it. Although it is not entirely developed for only the iOS devices, there is an iOS website where you get to view and download the iOS apps that you may be in need for in your iOS device.
Surely with all these alternatives, you do not have a reason of not getting to download those files and installing them to your iOS device without experiencing any difficulties. You should therefore make sure that you get to have some of the above apps if not all to see which one will best serve your needs to perfection from where now you can make it your default alternative installous app. Simply download them and you will get to experience the amazing experience each one of them brings its users.

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