Best Karaoke Machine in India 2021

Are you looking for the best karaoke system in India 2020 – 2021? Karaoke machines are a great piece of equipment to enhance entertainment in your daily lives or for a get-together or a party at home. They let people sing-along songs while reading the lyrics off the screen.

10 Best Karaoke system in India :

This article is the most viewed article in India when it comes to the listing of the best Karaoke system for home in India, Our NBY team is updating this article every month so that you can get the latest and the best Karaoke system for your home. Before we talk about Karaoke System in detail we will quickly show you the list of top-selling Karaoke systems in India.

Following are the list of best karaoke machines in India:

1. Sony MHC-V21D High Power Portable Party System (Black)

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Compact & portable party system
Bluetooth & NFC wireless connectivity
Integrated DVD player with HDMI ARC
Angled speakers for a wider soundstage
Karaoke and guitar inputs
Speaker Light
Manufacturer Detail: Sony Corporation

It is the best karaoke system to buy in India available with amazing reviews as a branded quality product. It is a wireless karaoke system with NFC and Bluetooth connectivity. It is a compact and portable karaoke party system. It has integrated DVD and HDMI slots for guitar and other instruments input with a speaker lighting system. It comes with a very loud and wide-range speaker on stage performance and in-home functions. It comes with a warranty of 1 year by manufacturers. Do check it out.

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2. Sony MHC-V02 Home Audio Portable Party Speaker with Bluetooth, Karaoke, and Jet Bass Booster

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Long-distance bass sound with JET BASS BOOSTER
Voice control via Fiestable / Party Light via Fiestable
Handle for safe lifting and easy portability
One-touch wireless listening with NFC and Bluetooth
Music center app compatibility
Compatible Devices-Mobile (IOS, Android, others), Tablets, Laptops, and all Bluetooth devices
1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase

It is the best karaoke system for the home. It is easily handled for safe lifting and easily portable from one place to another. It has a very amazing rating on amazon with an amazing review by the users. It has a music center app compatibility means you can operate this by via apps. It is a wireless karaoke system with NFC and Bluetooth connectivity. It has voice control via fiestable means you can change audio, lighting by implying saying through the mobile app. It has built-in illuminating lighting on this machine. That’s why it is the best professional karaoke machine in India. Do check it out.

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3. TAKARA T-1112 Portable Trolley Speaker 

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12” inch Speaker Trolley Speaker System Built-in USB MP3 Player to enjoy music.
Recording Function to record voice, speech, or songs to USB or SD card.
Dual wireless VHF Mic and 1 additional wired mic slots MIC Echo Control & MIC Volume Control for enjoying karaoke and singing
60W RMS, 12″ Speaker With tweeter for enhanced sound Music Volume Control and Bass Treble Control.
Stylish looks with Bluetooth Inbuilt USB, Memory card slot, FM and aux – connect and play music via many Devices
Built-In Rechargeable Battery to play music up to 4 to 5 hours Trolley with Handel and wheels suitable to carry it anywhere.
1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase

It is the best karaoke system in India under 10000. It has an amazing 4+ rating on amazon with awesome reviews by the customers. It has a stylish look with inbuilt Bluetooth and FM. It has a memory card, USB, and aux slot for playing music that connects with different devices. It has an echo control system with 60W RMS output that enhanced your music volume with a loud base. It comes with handles and wheels to carry it anywhere for parties and functions. Do check it out.

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4. Philips SPA9080B Multimedia Tower 

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Rich sound experience with powerful bass
Works with any Bluetooth-enabled device.
Enjoy music directly from your portable USB devices
UHF Mic, User Manual, Remote Control, 2-RCA Cable, Tower Speakers
80W powerful sound output
USB Direct for easy MP3 music playback
1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase

It is the best karaoke system for Hindi songs with 4+ amazing ratings on amazon with fabulous user reviews. It has a rich volume with powerful bass of 90W output. It can be used to connect multiple devices at a time through different ports. It is also Bluetooth enabled device. you can sing with this via the wireless mic. that enhance your singing capability. Due to this, it is the best professional karaoke machine in India. Do check it out.

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5. Takara Karaoke Speaker Trolley

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Trolley Speaker System Built-in USB MP3 Player to enjoy music.
Recording Function to record voice, speech, or songs to USB or SD card/td>
One-touch to convert any mp3 song to almost Karaoke Track for enjoying karaoke and singing
Dual wireless UHF Digital Mic with powerful range and crystal Clarity Voice and 1 additional wired mic slots MIC Echo Control
120W RMS Powerful Output and Heavy Bass.
Built-In Rechargeable Battery to play music up to 4 to 5 hours
1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase

It is the best karaoke system for home use and parties also. It has a trolley with a stylish handle and wheels suitable to carry it anywhere. Perfect for any Outdoor-Indoor program or functions. It is the best karaoke music system in India reason its volume and echo control functionality with loud bass of 120W RMS output. It comes with a wireless mic and different types of ports with a remote control system. Do check it out.

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Frequently Asked Questions Takara

Question: Is this system have any link for audio recording on a mobile
Answer: Yes it has an audio out. It has also a recording function for recording by the mic.

Question: Which battery included? Lead-acid or lithium polymer
Answer: 12v 7.2ah gel lead-acid battery.

Question: Can I connect through my electric drum as a monitor? is it connect to an aux or guitar port?
Answer: Yes you can

Question: Is it work as a home theatre when connected with TV?
Answer: There is in/out port on the speaker.

Question: is it Stereo?
Answer: Yes

6. Zoook Rocker Thunder XL 50 watts Trolley Karaoke

Zoook Rocker is the best karaoke system when you are on a low budget. This is the topmost selling karaoke system in India under 5000 rs. you can watch the below video and you will get a complete idea how is the performance, sound quality, and connectivity. This video is in the Hindi language. This is for beginner to medium level singers, if you are looking to buy a karaoke system under 4 to 5000 just go for it without a second thought.

Size: 23 x 35 x 7.5 cm
50w powerful party speaker with remote and mic
Flashing DJ lights
One-click recording
Dual wired mic system
16 GB in-built memory with 32 GB expandable memory
Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery: Provides extended playback, enables you to stream music for up to 6 hours on a full charge.
Remote control to configure the system
Pitch control
Color change for different singers
Echo control
1 years’ warranty

It is one of the best karaoke mic with speaker in India. It weighs as nominal as 1kg and records songs of all kinds and classes. It also gives the facility of recording the sound live in its inbuilt storage. It supports the control of the system through a remote for easier navigation. It also supports the change of colors for the change of the singers. That means, like many singers, that many colors, so it beautifies the whole show. It comes with a feature of echo control to let you enjoy the music without any distortion. It comes with a warranty of 1 year on the damage to the product. Do check it out.

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This karaoke is more famous for its sound quality, build quality, and control system. The music produced is distortion-free and crisp.
Lags a bit when connected to the television. But it can be resolved technically. Sometimes the sound echoes in the system but it can be solved too by a technical method

Frequently Asked Questions about Zoook Rocker-

Q. Is it possible to add music according to my own will?

A- Yes, you can add music according to your own will, all you need is an extra chip.

Q. What are the default items present in the box when we buy?

A- You get the system, the remote, and the songbook in the box.

Q. Is this product good for use at parties?

A- Yes absolutely. It can easily be used in parties and other places of musical events.

Q. Can this machine be connected to the phone and used accordingly?

A- Yes. This can be connected to any Bluetooth device like a mobile phone, television, and laptop.

7.Karaoke Magic Sing ET 23KH2k

Size: 143 x 192.5 x 59 mm
Weight: 2.4 kg
Volume adjustment of music and mic
Echo control
Real-time search
Live scoring; 3 levels (beginner, amateur, and professional)
Playback by USB
Random playback
Changing background
HDMI support
Auto power off

It is one is the best Karaoke with user ratings of 4.0 on Amazon with great reviews. It weighs a balanced weight of 2.4kg which makes us easier to carry from place to place. It gives the facility of adjusting the volume of the music being played and mic. It comes with the feature of echo control to let you enjoy a crisp music experience. It allows you to search for the song of your choice even while playing one. It supports the feature of playing random songs just like you do on your mobile phone. It also comes with a special feature of auto power off. Do check it out.

It has great sound quality, no issues with that. It is extremely easy to set up and even plug out. Good for the party and home functions. It has the old as well as the new classics by default.
It does not have cons as such. It is one of the perfect karaoke.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does it contain the recording chip or it has to be bought in the market?

A- No, it does not come with the recording chip, you have to get it from the market.

Q. Does it come with the facility to record songs?

A- Yes it does come with the recording facility.

Q. Does it come with the original music tracks?

A- No it does not but you get the rest of things original. Besides that, you get tracks quite similar to the original ones.

Q. Can this karaoke be connected to a Laptop and used?

A- Yes but only if your laptop supports the AV input system.

8. Kortex Magic Mike YK-5000


Price: INR 20,000
Size (mike): 240 x 46 mm
Size (music station) 240 x 110 x 48 mm
Weight: 1.1 kg
20 meters’ wireless range of karaoke microphone
Preloaded 5400 plus songs
Songs playback
Song recording
4 slots for additional songs
Echo control

It is one is the best Karaoke with good user ratings on Amazon with good reviews. It weighs a nominal weight of 1.1kg. It has a wireless microphone with a range of 20 meters to work within. It comes with a feature to play random songs. It comes with hundreds of preloaded songs for your thorough and unstoppable entertainment. It supports the feature of the recording of the songs. It comes with extra storage for more and more storage of extra songs other than the preloaded ones. It also comes with the echo control feature to let you hear the song more and more clearly. Do check it out. It is amongst the best.

It has a supremely convenient installation process and an even better delivery process. Its sound quality is brilliant and it delivers echo-free and distortion-free sound even at higher volumes. Lasts very long. It provides extra storage for keeping extra songs.
There are no such cons as yet apart from the fact that it can be used only in laptops and televisions and not in smartphones.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How can the mic be used to play songs?

A- You just need to connect the mic to the television and there you go, you are ready.

Q. Do we get Hindi songs as well and how many in number?

A- Yes you get Hindi songs as well and that too 5400+

Q. Can we use an extra memory card inside the microphone for extra storage?

A- No you cannot use it inside the mic but there comes three extra slots for the insertion of the memory card.

Q. Is it possible to connect this system with a television or a laptop?

A- Yes it is. All you need to do is just plug in the micro USB with the television or the laptop and you are done. No extra installation process required.

8. MeraGana Wonder Digital Karaoke


Price: INR 4,000
Size: 26.7 x 6.4 x 15.2 cm
Weight: 499 g
In-built digital mixer
Echo control
Volume control for vocal
Simple plugin
Power: USB source
6 months. Warranty

It is one is the best Karaoke with decent user ratings and decent reviews. It is extremely lightweight and weighs only about 499 grams. It comes with an echo control feature for the experience of full clear and crystal music. It also supports the controlling of volume for vocal users. There is no problem with the installation. All you need to do is just plug it in and you are ready for its use. It comes with a micro USB for plugging into the television or laptop. It comes with a warranty of 6 months. Do check it out.

It’s not a Bluetooth system rather it is a wired system so I just have to be connected to the laptop and you are connected. Nice sound quality is rendered by this karaoke. The sound is extremely crisp and clear.
It does not come with inbuilt tracks, so you will have to spend some amount extra every month for the songs. It connects only with television and laptop and not with smartphones. It doesn’t support the song recording in real-time so that you could listen to it later on. This is the biggest con of this device.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mera Gaana:

Q. Can the USB of the phone be used to power this system or we need to use the one provided in the box itself?

A- Yes you can use the USB cable if your phone to power the device.

Q. Can I record the song am singing and listen to it later on?

A- No, unfortunately, you can not. You need to search for some other karaoke if this is your basic requirement.

Q. Does it run on Bluetooth?

A- No, it comes with a long wire just like the ones that we have in the extension cords.

Q. Can we attach this karaoke with a home theatre while we play songs on a laptop?

A- Yes you can, no issues with that. Apart from the smartphones, you can connect this device with any other electronic device which supports karaoke.

9. New Desire Plus5k

Price: INR 26,000
Size: 35.2 x 30 x 13.6 cm
Weight: 2.6 kg
4 GHz wireless microphones
2 microphones
Color changing for different singers
HDMI support
Live to score
Separate scores for male or female singers
Tempo and echo control
Fast forward
Key or scale control

It is one is the best Karaoke with decent user ratings and decent reviews on Amazon. It weighs decently heavy with a weight of 2.6kg. It comes with 2 microphones each one having a frequency of 4GHz. It changes colors for different singers which means as many singers, those many numbers of colors. It supports HDMI for connecting the televisions. It has a feature that shows the scores of the two different genders in two different ways. It comes with the feature of controlling the echo for a clearer music experience. It comes with the option of moving the music in a fast forward manner. Do check it out.

It comes with English and Hindi tracks along with karaoke. The sound quality is exceptional and the best part is that it comes in a bag in which you can carry this karaoke anywhere and everywhere. The facility of the sound recording is really commendable for the way it works. Ultimately it is extremely easy to use.
Some of the music needs to be normalized again as the sound in them are not quite accurate. There is no availability of the sync option from the music track played.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is this the best in recording songs for professional singers?

A- Undoubtedly. You can go for it with your eyes closed.

Q. Which devices can it be connected to?

A- It can be connected to a television and laptop with ease and also to the home theatre.

Q. Does this karaoke also include any hard songbook in its box?

A- No it comes only with a soft songbook. But you can get it in the market.

10. Zoook Rocker Thunder 20 watts Bluetooth Speaker with Karaoke Mic /TF/FM/LED/USB

ENJOY MULTIPLE CONNECTIVITY: Rocker Thunder features an on-board USB reader and TF card slot MP3 music files or plug-in any device via Aux
1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase

It is one is the best Karaoke with user ratings of 4.0 on Amazon with great reviews. It comes with a blistering stereo sound quality that mesmerizes you to the core. Besides brilliant sound, it provides beautiful lights too which add so much to the party. It is compatible not only with laptops but also with all Bluetooth devices like iPods and smartphones etc. It comes with an inbuilt battery that gives the backup up to 4 hours. It also has got inbuilt FM radio which you can tune in to whenever you wish to. Do check it out. It’s simply the best you can get at this price range.

Its most beautiful part is its sound quality and clarity and shadi its lighting effects. It attracts the eyes at one go. FM radio is also one is the stand-out features in this karaoke. It renders a battery backup of up to 4 hours which is simply amazing. The length of the cable of the mic is almost is 2 meters which fulfills the purpose. Its size makes it easily portable from one place to another.
The length of other cables is short which does not help much. Also, the echo problem in this karaoke makes it sound just a little cheap. Otherwise, all the other things are quite ok in this karaoke.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q. Is there any recorder present in it from before?

A- No, no recorder is present in it from before.

Q. Can it be used with the charging plug being plugged in?

A- Yes it can be. No harm at all with that.

Q. Can this karaoke be used in schools or colleges?

A- Yes it can be but try to keep the room as normal in size as possible. This might not seem pleasing in a large room.

Q. Is there the availability of echo mode in the karaoke?

A- Yes but only in the mic it is present.

Frequently Asked Questions Sony MHC

Question: What is a return and refund policy?
Answer: Replace

Question: What’s the RMS wattage of these speakers?
Answer: No information regarding this anywhere and even sony customer care can’t tell.

Question: Is this a good music system to be used within the confines of a small room, something that can replace traditional hi-fi systems?
Answer: Yes, you can use it in a small room also, got features like Bluetooth, NFS, smart tv connectivity. The sound quality is very good

Question: This support a wireless microphone?
Answer: Yes

Frequently Asked Questions Sony V02

Question: Whether we connect this speaker with TV
Answer: Yes

Question: Can we connect two of these together??
Answer: This model can be connected with multiple audio systems via wireless party chain function.

Question: Is it compatible with Alexa
Answer: No

Question: If I buy 2 speakers can i play both together by one device?
Answer: Yes with party chain

Question: Does this has DVD options also?
Answer: Yes it comes with a DVD

Frequently Asked Questions about TAKARA

Question: Do. You have a Unit with four mikes
Answer: 2 wired & 2 wireless mic

Question: Is it has clear sound without noise
Answer: Yes. Absolutely no noise.

Question: How many audiences are covered by this product
Answer: it can be covered 100 to 150 audiences.

Question: can we connect the trumpet horn to this?
Answer: Yes

Question: Which Bluetooth version?
Answer: Bluetooth version 5.0

Frequently Asked Questions about Philips

Question: Can we connect it from desktop
Answer: From audio out of your desktop you can connect.

Question: can we connect my tv?
Answer: yes

Question: How to connect with Sansui tv?
Answer: All tv has audio output, you can connect with AV cable, also you can connect directly from DTH audio output

Question: What is the Bluetooth version of this product?

Question: Dimension of subwoofers?
Answer: Awesome

4 types of karaoke machines:

  1. Microphone karaoke machines: these are microphones with preloaded songs already installed into the microphone; you can add the latest songs to it through cartilage. You can connect the microphone with your television and the lyrics will be displayed on the screen. Some microphone karaoke machines have an LCD on them to display the lyrics on it. They are mostly operated by batteries.
  2. Pocket karaoke machines: these are small handheld machines with thousands of preloaded MP3s and videos which you can carry in your pocket. You can connect it with your television but it has an LCD screen too. You can additionally buy a digital voice recorder or a digital mixer for the adjustment of sounds.
  3. CD karaoke machines: a karaoke formatted CD-G disk is inserted into it for music playback. It is just like a CD player. It can be connected with your television. The amplifier can be bought additionally with it for sound enhancement.
  4. All in One karaoke machines: it has all pieces such as a CD player, MP3 hard drive, microphone, and speakers needed for a karaoke machine. You can connect it with your television for the lyrics to be displayed on the screen. But these karaoke machines are not much portable.

What to look for when buying a karaoke machine?

To add extra fun to any kind of party or some other event or any get-together, Karaoke machines will act as a wonderful part. Karaoke machines are easy for anybody to use, nowadays competitive technological advances in creating high-quality karaoke equipment’s. These karaoke machines offer varied features, which include, record in the session, save & upload songs to a USB drive or SD card & able to adjust sounds. Recently in the market, there is an increasing number of portable karaoke machines, which in turn makes fulfilled with you to a friend in any party. If you are looking for a Karaoke machine which fulfills all your requirement along with lower-budget options, then before considering a machine one should look over what are all features it was going to cover.

  1. Music Source: A good karaoke machine should have multiple music sources and should support all types of formats. It is worth paying extra money for this feature. You should be able to play music from your computer, smartphones, tablets, SD cards, or USB ports. Few of the karaoke machines have built-in songs in thousands but usually, you wouldn’t like all of them or they would not be in your desired language.
  2. Setup: Generally, karaoke machines that are portable can be readily used, simply just plug and play; it is a worthwhile feature if you travel often. They are small and feasible.
  3. Accessories: A good karaoke machine should include a microphone, connective cords. The accessories increase the functioning.
  4. Audio quality: A karaoke machine with a good quality obviously has better audio quality. If the audio is better, it makes the sound of any singer bearable. You can control bass, tone, pitch, and other sound elements in most karaoke machines.
  5. Video graphics: As karaoke machines can be connected to the television to display the lyrics. It displays different graphics and background images on the screen. For children, make sure the graphics are suitable for their age. You can turn off graphics in some karaoke machines too.
  6. Portability: This feature should be considered for those who travel a lot and like to carry their karaoke machine with them to a friend’s house for added fun.
  7. Ratings: This allows the karaoke machine to rate your singing voice which can help to keep a record of users’ growth. It is only available in some karaoke machines and can be costly.
  8. Strength: The higher the quality and price, the better its durability. Use covers to protect your karaoke machine from dents and scratches.
Karaoke Machine Features:
Able to record karaoke session
Save songs from a USB drive or SD cards
Upload songs to a USB drive or SD cards
Modify the sound of your voice
Stream music directly from the MP3 player; no need to download it first
Audio adjustment controls
Attach instrument with it

How Karaoke Machine Work?

Usually, all of us know about karaoke machines, where they can be used, and how they can be used. But some people don’t know how it works and what are the important benefits related to the machine.

  • karaoke system can be attached to our TV system and also to our computer system.
  • After connecting to the karaoke system user should browse the AV system on TV, then the user can able to see the karaoke songs selection section and other options also.
  • Hence users can able to select the songs which they want to sing, after selecting the particular song music play in the background of the TV sound system & lyrics will be displayed on the TV screen or computer screen.
  • So hence users can know the rhythms of the songs which they can sing that song in their real voice.

How can the user know which Karaoke Machine is best for singing

Below mentioned are some of the important steps to be aware, when you are getting a Karaoke Music System.

  • User should have a good idea about songs collection whether they are old or new
  • How many songs are you getting with the Karaoke machine?
  • Most important is to display the scoring system with a karaoke machine
  • Pitch Control should be available.
  • Songs Recording Facility should be available
  • The machine should be easy to access, easy songs search, etc.
  • Memory Space should be more in SD card
  • Echo Control Facility

Benefits of the Karaoke machine

Karaoke System in India is a type of entertainment machine composed of a karaoke player, sound system (includes a mixer, amplifier, speakers, music, and microphone), and video display output. These devices, when connected to each other can create a karaoke bar-like entertainment system, that you and your family will definitely enjoy. Buying a home karaoke system has several benefits. Although this may cost you a bit, the happiness and entertainment that it will provide for your family will be priceless.

Karaoke systems can be used at home, in pubs, or in bars for a party or wedding function. Portable karaoke machines have become really common as you can easily carry them to a friend’s home just for extra fun over there. Friends and family get involved in this entertainment for many hours. It is family-friendly entertainment.

The technological development nowadays has aided companies to manufacture high-quality karaoke machines that can be used easily. Normally good quality karaoke machines are around INR 10,000 and above. We have compared most of the top-selling Karaoke systems for home and professional use in India.

  • If you acquire your own karaoke system, you can enjoy the feel of a karaoke bar whenever you want.
  • Experience the disco and bar feel at the comfort of your own home.
  • You can add more fun to your family occasion or event, by using your karaoke machine
  • A karaoke machine is a lifetime investment, you can surely celebrate as long as you live.
  • You can eliminate your shyness when you often start singing in your own karaoke and also practice songs to master them.


All of this karaoke is simply the best in their respective price range. All of them are ever reliable and best in their ratings and reviews and durability. All of them have crisp sound quality with an echo control feature to let you hear music in the clearest of sounds. All of them have a good control system as well and they can be connected to televisions as well as laptops. So these were the best Karaoke machines in India. Hope the article helped you make your choice easier and clearer! Happy shopping!!

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    dear NBY I am looking for the best wireless indian karaoke system. I already have meragana wire microphone with song chip, but looking for meragana wireless because they have more original music to match lyrics. I also have persang new desire plus which is good but most songs does not have perfect voice match and original music which makes it harder to sing and takes away from original soundtrack. also I have the latest sing masters sm500 wireless system which is a disaster to good indian songs ,the music does not match lyrics ,lots of repeated songs, but microphones sound good. I can sing lots of old hindi songs by Kishore, mukesh and rafi thank you.

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    Hi, The article was very useful. I need advice on the following:
    I intent to start a Karaoke pub in my city and would like to know if I buy a Karaoke Machine like one of the Persang high end models, can I connect it to an external audio system which includes Amplifier, Mixer and Speakers? Also can it be connected to a LCD projector for the lyrics display scrolling on a screen? Can a separate professional mic be used to sing through the audio system (Amp/Mixer unit)?
    Thank you and regards

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    Very informative and elaborate article. Thank you. I am looking for a karaoke system with old classic hindi and marathi songs. Should also get pitch and tempo adjustment option. Recording is not necessary, but should be able to get original tracks. Can you suggest any such system which will have these features?

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