Domain registration business was been tremendously changing & there were a lot of sites that are adding up to the list on the internet every year. There is the various website which is offering to host even in India also.

If you are looking to start a blog in India ,choosing a good and a cheap domain registrar will be a daunting task which needs to choose properly, like who has the best mix of pricing (reasonable prices), with good services and customer support etc. In this present article, the total description was intended with the exclusive purpose of shedding some light on what are the cheapest & widely and best domain names registrars which are trending on the internet in recent days. Those domain names registrars will provide you with the quality performance & customer support for very reasonable deals.

Before buying or registering a domain name, it was most important that you need to initially check the salient features of that registrar which will distinguish them from a dozen others in the market. This was because the present market was flooded with cheap domain registrars, & almost all are offering very similar services like web hosting, email services, VPS server hosting, cloud storage among others by default.


There are various best sites to register or even for buying the domain names in India, but you need to choose a perfect & reliable one which was most important because a bad domain registrar may ruin your business & where is the best one will take your business to certain new heights. Initially, you need to know some of the few things before buying or even selling a domain name.

  • What are all the risks which are attached to the domain registration & hosting business
  • How well and good the support & customer service will be provided by the website
  • Do they offer any cheap & affordable prices
  • Do the website will provide you fast & secure hosting


Godaddy was the daddy of all the domain registrars. They were the most controversial domain registrar & controversy seems to find a way through them each and every time. GoDaddy managed to get its own reputation back up after major failure back in the year of 2012. GoDaddy makes .com domains cost of $1.99 per year, but for the first year it costs around $10 and $15 for every year after that, there are certain additional hidden prices also included. They are the leaders of domain name registrars & there was no reason you shouldn’t be checking out what they have to offer.


Bluehost India was another leading cloud-based service provider which makes it possible for small & medium-sized companies in order to establish a robust web presence for themselves. Bluehost packages will give you the freedom to buy their servers in India and are advised for businesses with the audience in India because you will get faster speeds on the website or on the US servers you will still get a great value.

Bluehost India has given a guarantee for their clients that, you will get the same world-class service which was tailored for the businesses & individuals in India which have backed up with 10 years-plus of experience & continuous advancement in the web products. Bluehost India is having an in-depth customer interface & control panel which places you in command & this was very effective in helping you build your own brands with a very strong & effective presence online.


iPage was founded in the year 1998, iPage was powered over 1 million websites to date. In addition to the domain & web hosting services, they will also provide customer support of a 24*7 & 30-day money-back guarantee offer also. iPage was one of the cheapest domain name Registrar Company & it will also offer the most affordable web hosting services for both individuals & as well as for small businesses. Less than $2 per month will be charged for domain & hosting. iPage will always allow its users to create a site on the lowest and reasonable budget. iPage will also offer other types of services like constant network scanning, malware scanning & daily spam, Free YP (yellow page) listening, Site Analytics, SiteLock security & free credits up to $200 for internet marketing. One of the best things about the iPage was that you will able to get a free domain name when you purchase for a 1-year web hosting plan for just less than $24. They will also claim to have a 99% server uptime for their hosting plans.

Choosing the right domain name registrar was not at all an easy task as it sounds. The best domain name registrar needs to strike a good balance between price & the services offered. In addition to the mentioned services, they need to offer instant 24/7 technical support, affordable prices, security, a live chat facility, and renewal rates.

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