Best Portable Air Conditioner 2017 -User Guide

If you are living in a small room and if you want your room to be cool and completely moist free, portable air conditioner is something which can really suit you.  Portable air conditioners have wheels , so that it  can be moved from one location to another location. The height of a portable air conditioner is generally close to 2’-3’ and you can fit it anywhere in your room. Though it is recommended that you set up your portable air conditioner near a window and the place must be clean.  Now I will discuss about various companies which are known as best portable air conditioner brand.

Popular portable air conditioner providers:



Honeywell MN10CESWW


1) Honeywell MN10CESWW 10000 BTU portable A.C:

Honeywell can be considered as one of the best portable air conditioner brand. It has some interesting and attractive features and those features are discussed below.


1) It is a 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner and it is very much suitable for areas under 350 square feet.
2) It has auto evaporation system, so no buckets or tank is required to collect the water.
3) It can remove the humidity of your room, as it can remove up to 70 pints per day.
4) It has digital LCD display and it also provides touch controls.
5) It also provides remote control support.


1) The noise is pretty low, so it won’t disturb you much.
2) It has 10,000 BTU and it is very much energy efficient.
3) It has remote control support so you can control it remotely.

2) Whynter 14,000 BTU dual hose portable air conditioner:

Many people recommend whynter as best portable air conditioner brand. It has some interesting features as well.


Whynter 14000 BTU Portable AC


1) It can operate in three modes. And those modes are air conditioner, dehumidifier, fan.
2) It has thermostatic control which can give digital display.
3) It has programmable timer.
4) It has high dehumidifying capacity. It can remove up to 101 pints per day.

5) The highest power consumption of this portable AC is about 1250W/10.8A.
6) The maximum length of window kit is 46’’ and the minimum length of window kit is 20’’.


1) It can remove the moisture from your room quite efficiently.
2) It is quite easy to transport from one room to another room.
3) As it has 14,000 BTU it can efficiently cool a room of 500 square feet.
4) It has auto drainage function, so that you don’t have to remove the water manually.
5) It has 3 different operational modes.
6) It vents out the warm air quite easily.
7) The control panel is quite simple.
8) It provides remote control facility.

And as this brand these advantages it can be considered as best portable air conditioner brand.

3) LG Electronics LP0814WNR:

LG Portable AC
LG Portable AC

There are some people and technical experts  who considers LG as one of the best portable air conditioner  brand. The general features of this portable AC are.

1) It is very much efficient for smaller rooms. As it has 8000 BTU, it is perfectly suitable for a room of 350 square foot.

2) It is a digitally controlled unit. You can control the temperature adjustments by remote controls.

3) It offers very précised temperature.

4) It is important that you vent the hot air out side.

5) It is recommended that you do not use external cords.

1)  It is very useful for smaller rooms.
2) It is very easy to transport from one room to another.
3) It is very energy efficient.
4) The cost is affordable.

4) SPT 8000 BTU single hose portable AC:

SPT 8000 BTU Portable AC

SPT 8000 BTU Portable AC

It is a very popular brand in the market of portable AC and there are many people who considers it as best portable air conditioner brand. It has some useful features and those features are:

1) It has 8000 BTU, so it is quite efficient for small rooms.
2) It has self -evaporating system.
3) It has a digital display.
4) It is fire resistant.
5) It has Lcdi plug.
6) It has programmable timer of 24 hours.
7) It has a fan speed of 2 fans.
8) It removes the moisture of your room quite efficiently.


1) It is very efficient for smaller rooms.
2) It has a very efficient cooling power.
3) It is quite energy efficient. It has energy efficiency ratio of 8.9 which is quite high.
4) It has intelligent auto restart.
5) This portable AC uses ozone depleting  refrigerant.
6) It is very much affordable.

For these reasons it is considered as a best portable air conditioner brand.

5) Global Air NPA 1-08C 8000 BTU:


Global Air 8000 BTU portable AC

Global Air 8000 BTU portable AC


This brand is quite popular when it comes about producing best portable air conditioner. So, many customers consider it as best portable air conditioner brand. This portable air conditioner has some useful features and advantages and they are.


1) It is made of 70% plastic 20% copper and 10% foam.
2) As it has 8000 BTU it can be quite good for smaller rooms.
3) It can clean up the humidity of the room as well.
4) It has 2 speed fans.
5) It has on/off timer, which can be very useful.
6) There must be an arrangement to vent out warm air.
7) Please do not use extension cords.

1) It provides efficient cooling in small rooms.
2) It is quite energy efficient.
3) The performance of this air conditioner is also quite good.
4) It is quite lighter than other portable ACs.

As it provides these features and advantages there are many customers who consider it as best portable air conditioner brand.

You can get these portable ACs from different online store in India. If you opt for choosing flipkar then you may able to get some discount offers at the same time as well.

Portable Acs are generally very useful for smaller rooms. But you can use it for larger rooms as well. But to use it in larger rooms you need to have ACs of higher BTUs. But no matter which portable air conditioner you use, it is very important that you main your unit properly. Otherwise your unit may get damaged and you may face problems.
So, it can be understood how essential a Portable Ac can be to you specially if you have a small room. And at the same time if you use portable AC it can save some energy for you as well.
So if you are single and if you have a small room to live then you definitely should choose a good portable AC.

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