Best Radiation Detector App for Android

The increasing popularity of smartphones and portable devices, and the availability of a wide range of downloadable applications (or ‘apps’) for such technology, continues to introduce new functionality and utility. Radiation detector apps are now available commercially for both Apple and Android devices.

These apps utilize the ionizing radiation sensitivity of on board silicon-based complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) cameras to monitor radiation levels in the surroundings.

The CMOS devices are small silicon chips used in cameras to detect visible light, but can also detect the higher wavelengths of gamma-ray and x-rays. The device’s response to ionizing radiation is not normally evident to the user as the signal is very small when compared to that of visible light and is undetectable in the short image acquisition times in the order of 100 milliseconds.

The application of black electrical tape over the camera lens eliminates the visible light response allowing the penetrating gamma rays or x-rays to be observed. The radiation detector app uses the phone to record the number of times it detects an interaction and that number is converted into the dose received by the phone. This study aims to determine how well the application works as a dosimeter.


RadioActivity Center

This android app is the mobile version of Geiger Mueller Counter. All you need is to cover the camera lenses with a black tape. Radioactivity counter is one of the best radiation detector for app for android as it is developed by real researchers who had spent their quality time on EMR detection.

Key Features: Radiation detection can be done in a range of 2-10  Gy to 1-10 Gy/h, primary gamma radiations can be monitored completely and  higher Beta radiations will be monitored depending upon the mobile phone shielding.


WiFi Radiation Meter Download

If you are relying up on WiFi router and internet modems as a source for your internet, this android app is the best pick for you to track EMR.

Key Features: In built WiFi radiation meter to detect the EMR quantity, radiation emitted by different devices are displayed in a dispersed list and embedded Google maps locating so that you can avoid those places in future.


Pocket Geiger

This handy radiation meter app uses your phone’s microphone to simulate EMR activity around you.

Key Features: App can change your phone microphone as a reverse pin diode to detect EMR, dose rate of 0.05uSv/h can be measured in just 15 minutes, huge energy response and gamma particle detection.
Radiation Alarm
Developers fed threshold limits of radiation in this app.Using mobile camera, this app detects EMR and give you an alarm if the radiation goes beyond the threshold value.

Key Features: Gamma radiation detection, easy to understand radiation levels as they are displayed in simple language and notification with sound when the threshold radiation level is breached.
Tawkon | Track Phone Radiation

This radiation tracking android app not only display the radiation levels in its meter but also gives advice to help you out of it.

Key Features: Real time tracking of SAR values, best tips to minimize exposures and radiation from different components are displayed in separate list

Bottom line Electronic gadgets and appliances are designed to make our life easy. On the flip side of the coin, it has its own side effects. The best advice we can give you is to keep yourself healthy by avoiding the radiation exposure and be vigil in tracking the hazard around you with all available possibilities.

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