Whether the recruitment software was used by recruiting or even staffing professionals or by any in-house corporate recruiters, the recruiting tracking software will always saves your companies time & also money. This was done by tracking all the applicants in spreadsheets or email, these solutions will let the recruiters to upload & store all the candidate information in a special searchable database, so there was no time wasted on the manual entry of each candidate information.


  • Recruitment systems will increase the efficiency.
  • They include different type of automated tools to screen out the unqualified applicants & also route the qualified applications to appropriate recruiter or for the hiring manager.
  • This saves the time and decreases the administrative burden & increases the speed of hiring process.
  • Another benefit of this recruiting software was better communication with the candidates and improving the likelihood of your top choice will be select the position.


Zoho Recruit was one of the best One-Stop Online Recruitment Software for the recruitment business. The main highlight of this software was it was highly customizability, its features & also integrations. Some of the top features of the Zoho Recruit was Publish various jobs to a different website, Publish Jobs to different job boards, import & parse resumes, will act as a career website, it will have the option of creating custom reports,  send SMS/Text messages and emails.


With the Breezy HR recruiting software you can modernize your recruiting and hiring process. You can advertise your current vacancies or positions on 25+ free as well as premium job boards & your custom career portal. You can enjoy world-class resume parsing from any format & ease of organizing any applicants in multiple, customizable drag & drop pipeline(s).  You can almost forget about all the hectic and manual tasks such as interview scheduling, reference checking, follow-ups, with this software you will get auto-schedule of your interviews, check the candidate references, host interviews in-applications & also de-clutter the candidate communication with the real-time, individual or automatic bulk messaging. You can also use Breezy with all tools such as Slack, Gmail, Namely, Office 365 and BambooHR, and much more. You can able to join thousands of companies which are already modernizing their recruiting & hiring with clean, simple & seriously awesome ATS.


Greenhouse was most helpful recruiting software which helps to make hiring your competitive advantage. Thousands of successful companies were using the Greenhouse platforms in order to design & automate all kinds of aspects of hiring by their organizations in order to win and get top talent. The only Greenhouse will deliver robust software platform which helps you to build a winning hiring culture through driving great candidate interactions in every point & try to keep everyone in the hiring team engaged. With the help of Greenhouse, hiring has finally become a strategic lever in the business, automating away of the administrative burden & always keeping you very ahead. Some of the features in this software like Proactive, data-driven insights will always help you shorten time-to-hire & also continue in getting better over the time. Customer base with this software was more than 2,000+ people which mean that when you work with the Greenhouse, you are not only selecting the best recruitment software but also you are joining in a movement of forward-thinking companies with proven success. It has 150+ technology partners which tightly integrated into Greenhouse platform.


BambooHR can meet all your unique needs by intuitive and customizable HRIS software. This HR Management software will provide all the features of the software like the convenient web-based system, bank level security for all the data which you have, automated time off requests & also approvals, endless tracking & reminders, employee onboarding & offboarding, free customizations, unparalleled support. You will personally experience how quickly the BambooHR will helps you automate operational tasks thereby you can focus on much meaningful work. Team of specialists will always follow up to all your answer and any type of questions you may have. More than 6000 HR professionals will contribute greater business value by using this BambooHR recruiting software.


Bullhorn which was designed for the staffing agencies & recruiters, this Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System was an extreme comprehensive tool for managing the whole recruitment process. This was more accessible from a desktop, any internet browser, and mobile device, Mac or any PC. Bullhorn ATS streamlines was an end-to-end recruitment process from the job submission till placement of a candidate. It can manage & track candidates, filling of the open positions faster. More over it was designed for the staffing & recruitment agencies of different sizes. Bullhorn ATS was much configurable in every layout as well as size. This layout was completely customizable according to the user preferences & also adjusted by using a simple drag & drop tool.


PCRecruiter was one of the most popular sourcing & applicant tracking solutions which was available today.  Having decade of experience in recruiting & staffing industries PCRecruiter was offering a robust suite of applicant tracking tools, which includes configurable interview process pipelines, an integrated email client and also an innovative Microsoft Outlook™ which is having an embedded option, built-in job board posting, activity tracking & also scheduling, form letters, custom reporting & enterprise-class search capabilities.  PCRecruiter scales to any organization size & was also used by the single-users.

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