Best Room Heater In India

When winter comes the biggest question arises is which is the best room heater in India? So there are many ways to deal with this question like pilling under the blanket, wearing many winter clothes or to have an appliance to heat your room space. In India summers are intolerable but winters are adjustable. But it feels different to enjoy winter with our comfortable temperature i.e. neither so cold nor so hot, little hotter than outside is quite enjoyable. So, to get such a room temperature there are many room heaters in the market which helps you keep warm in chilly winters. These appliances will definitely add a bit amount to your electricity but investing that is totally worth it. The cost of most of the room heaters is approx Rs. 999 only.

Comparison of top 5 best room heaters

1. Orpat OEH-1250 2000-Watt Element Heater:

Everybody must have heard about the brand Orpat. This heater comes from this well-known brand. It comes with an affordable price and good features and specifications as well. It has good capacity to heat your room in very less time.

The advantage of this room heater is that it can be placed at the corner of the room as it comes with a very compact size and takes very less space. It is installed with 100% copper wire and motor of 2000 watts which works at 230 volts of operating power. The speed of the fan can be adjusted as it comes with two knobs which are very easy to use.

It uses very less power and is energy saving. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty. This heater is also safe for the children as its exterior body is cool to touch.

Power – 2000 Watts

Warranty – 1 Year

This product is currently at the top of the list for best room heater in India

2. Bajaj Majesty RFX2 2000-Watt Room Heater:

Bajaj RFX2 is a powerful heater with fan operating system. If you are looking for a stylish room heater which covers more space then your search ends here. It is similar to Orpat, as it also has two heat settings, one uses 1000 watts and another uses 2000 watts.

It comes with in built handle which makes it easy to carry and that’s why totally safe for children too. It has 3 fan speeds which can be used to circulate hot air in the room. The biggest merit of this room heater which makes it the best room heater in India is that it can be used as the personal fan in summer as well with just an adjustment of temperature. It is inbuilt with powerful 2000 watts of a motor and has 2 years of extended warranty. 2 years of can be availed totally on Bajaj. Because of the good customer care service, Bajaj room heaters are widely preferred.

Power – 2000 Watts

Warranty – 2 Years

3. Nova Compact NH-1200/00 1000- Watt Blower Elegant Fan Room Heater:

If you are looking for a room heater with less capacity then we have Nova NH-1202/00 as it comes with a motor which uses very less power. It comes with best room heater in India. Not to worry as it is less powerful as it is good for small offices/rooms where you don’t need much heating air.

The temperature and hot air can be adjusted with given two knobs, which are easy to use. The company provides one year warranty on this product which can be easily availed just by calling their customer care number.

Power – 1000 Watts

Warranty – 1 Year

4. Usha QH 3002 Quartz Room Heater

Another best appliance which falls in the list of best room heater in India is Usha’s QH 3002 which consumes less energy and provides greater heat at very less price. This room heater has two heating positions which can you can choose according the situation.

It consists only 400/800 watts motor which consumes 230 volts of power which is quite less. This feature makes it quite economical. It comes with auto switch to prevent overheating issue. Usha has used Quartz tube to heat and did power coating to prevent corrosion.

It comes with one year warranty which can be claimed by calling the company’s customer care number. The demerit of this room heater is that if you have children at home, it’s dangerous to use it with them or you have to place it at some height to keep it out of the reach of children.

Power – 800 Watts

Warranty – 1 Year

5. Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Element Heater:

This is one of the cheapest, compact and powerful room heater from Orpat OEH 1220. It’s price is even less than Rs 999. It’s great to use this product, no sagging, no noise and comes with long life power heating elements. 2000 watts of motor is established in this device which uses only 230 volts of power. It has very compact international design and cool touch body is used on the exterior side which makes it totally safe for the children.

The company has provided two heat settings with this room heater, one of 1000 watts and the other one of 2000 watts. One knob is present on the upper side of the body which can used to control the fan speed. You can easily move this room heater from one place to another with ease with the inbuilt handle provided by the company. You can move it even when it is in working mode.

Power – 2000 Watts

Warranty – 1 Years


These are the top 5 best room heaters in India which are brought to you by us via our research. In winters the temperature in northern parts of India reasonably goes down and sometimes it even reaches to minus which becomes difficult for the people living here to handle. Therefore, to overcome this situation it’s better to have a heating element in your room which keeps you warm and gives  you normal temperature to enjoy the winters in a better way.

So, we recommend you to choose the room heater among these top 5 room heaters that suits you best and fits in your budget. Do check out and buy the perfect room heater to cover your room.

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