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 DVD players and music systems are the most commonly used appliances in India. Music always helps in killing boredom and soothing the soul. Music lovers always are in search of something which will enhance their music listening experiences. 2.1 home theater systems have carved the way for 5.1 home theater systems and its in very much of a trend nowadays. But what best in this business is the use of portable speakers which are quite handy in connecting with any music devices.

Previously people were only keen on playing music in surround sound during any festival or occasions but as now at very affordable price world quality speakers are available people have changed their way as well. In this article, we will look for some best speakers under 5000 range.

Before going to the list of best speakers available under the range of 5000, let us just have a look at the features which are the basic requirements for any speakers to become the best.


the most basic thing which anyone will look while buying speakers or any other appliances is whether the product is brand based or not. Though brand products will cost more than the normal local products but along with brands comes the guarantee and assurance of the products. The brand of different companies has their own standards which they always fulfill.


Wattage is one of the most important parameters of any speakers which decides the power of the output. People remain confused that the speakers with more wattage will generate more output or more power but this is not the case. Actually, speakers, actual power depends on the impedance, PMPO, RMS wattage and channel strength of the speakers.


There are lots of additional features which are very much necessary for a speaker to be classified into the best speaker. Each characteristic adds a different value to the given product. The most important factors need to be look out at are RMS wattage, distortion and S/N ratio. The amount of power which the receiver can output over a significant length of time, higher the number better the value of the product. Similarly, the Signal-to-noise ratio is considered to be higher and more applicable.

The additional features of having USB port or Bluetooth and Ethernet connectivity increases the additional benefit of the speakers.


Budget is an important factor which everyone looks for before buying any electronics products. You should look out for the major characteristics which are necessary and essential for you at first place and spend money for the product which gives you the best value for money. According to the planned budget, you can either buy a branded product or product which offers a lot of essential features. The main mantra of buying a product is it should have all the requirements satisfying all your needs at an affordable price.

These are essential features which one should look out for buying the best speakers for themselves. The list of best speakers under 5000 are mentioned below:

List of Best Speakers under Rs. 5000:

#1 Jabra Solemate:

These speakers are ranked high as per its specifications and performance is concerned. The design of this portable speaker is in a rugged design and there is 2.1 setup in the small body of the speaker. There is the possibility of playing music on this portable speaker either by Bluetooth or by 3.5mm jack. There is one 4 watt woofer in the middle and there are two soft dome tweeters of 8 watts. The body of this portable speaker is made up of polycarbonate and rubber. This device is a little bit of water resistant and easily withstand few shakes. The speaker has 6-7 hours of playback time and the price of this speaker is Rs. 4,999.

#2 Creative Muvo Mini:

The Creative Muvo Mini has all the characteristics of that of the best speakers. The most affordable yet so powerful speaker of all. The Muvo Mini supports Bluetooth version 4.0 with A2DP wireless stereo bluetooth audio. The product comes along with IP66 guaranteed water resistant and dust resistant. The product comes along with the playback time of about 10 hours. The speakers can also help you getting the phone call easily to the speakers directly. The product price is about Rs. 4411 which is quite less compared to the characteristics it provides.

# JBL Flip 2

The brand of JBL is world famous speaker makers and the product JBL flip has been around in the market from quite a long time. Flip 2 is the upgraded version of the JBL flip speakers. The product consist of two 6 watt speakers which are equipped with soundclear technology. The product is great in providing the crisper and louder audio exprience. The product supports 3.5 m jack aux and Bluetooth connectivity and also it has the ability to play music via the NFC function. The playback time of this product is 8-10 hours and the price of this product is Rs. 3,999.

# Logitech X300

Logitech is not new in the world of portable speakers and all the speakers made by this brand is possibly Bluetooth speakers. The most important characteristic of this X300 speaker is its bass and which are loved by music lovers very much. The product offers both aux as well as Bluetooth playback and is very good in terms of its battery life which lasts for about 8 hours. The range of the product is 25 feet from the audio source. The price of the product is quite low as compared to its charcateristics and is priced at Rs. 2998.

# Creative Muvo 20


This product is basically a non-water resistant and comes along with the brand name of Creative. The audio sound of this device is very good and the playback time of the device is almost of 10 hours. The connectivity of this product is both through the aux cable and via the Bluetooth. The unique feature about this product is that you can even charge your mobile phone with this speaker. The price of this product is Rs. 4990 only.

These are few best speakers under 5000 range that are not only good in quality but also great in performances.


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