Best Tasker Profiles for Android

Most of you may not the exact meaning of a Tasker profiles. Taskers are actualy automation tools which are present in the phone which can automate almost everything on the Android device. Basic example is a security message which is being sent when the sim card is being changed in the phone.

Basically taskers set a kind of trigger action based on different events, actions, location or time. Some of the tasker profiles are illustrated below:

Locarion- Based on the cell tower location

  • Turns wifi on / off when at home or at office
  • Turns sync off when wifi is off

Battery Saving

  • When screen is off, turn off wifi and data services


  • Sharp shake the phone to switch off the ringer
  • Plug in a headset and a menu of playlists pops-up.


  • Based on the surrounding light, change in the brightness of the screen.
  • At night, use of a screen filter app to dim the screen beyond standard brightness controls.

Some Useful Tasker Profiles

Night Mode:

Turns off wifi and activates the silent mode. All these things gets automatically deactivated in the morning. It helps a lot in saving the battery.

Emergency Text

It is a kind of security tasker. It sends SMS to your favorite attached contacts when your battery is about to die or when you chance the sim.

Keep Screen On

This is a Battery Saver tasker. This tasker temprorily disables the automatic screen off when using the reading apps. This avoids the users to frequently to touch the screen in order to keep the display ON.

Profile > Application > Select the apps, for which you want to keep screen ON.

Set up new task for this profile > Give it a name > click on the + icon > Display > Display timeout > increase the time limit to your desire level.

Toggle Wifi and 3G

Tasker can automate the toggle. This is helpful for those who use wifi at home and 3G outsode where there is no wifi. This taskers performs this task automatically and the user doesn’t has to do anything manually.

Shake your phone to turn on the flash light

For this tasker you need to download an app called Tesla LED from Play Store. This is a good tasker for those whose phone supports LED flash light. You just have to shake your Android phone to switch on the LED flash light.

Bascially, taskers are very powerful automation apps. They can automate anything and everything which you can imagine. You can even create your own unique ones by doing some small experiments.

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