Best ways free movie downloads for android

Here the best android apps to download movies, it includes some Android apps list of download movies.

Sometimes, We quite simply have to free and an effective way to download movies on our Android phone. It Now you can easily download a free Hollywood and Bollywood movies on your Android phone with this better and incredible surprising ways, with some Android applications.

Note: Keep in mind that in most of countries downloading movies on Android phones without permission is not legal procedure. Make it at your own risk and you can enjoy your Amazon Free movies app for a 30 days option mentioned below.

Following were 4 of of the way to download movie on an Android phone / the iPhone / the PC


1. Movies Direct (Licensed)

If your budget is small ( $2.99), than this is the best option for you. This web was launched in 2012 and till date it features more than 2.3 million members, you can do streaming / download movies from any mobile and pc, you must pay $2.99 per month. To create a huge collections of movies on your computer, mobiles or portable and watch them anywhere. The quality of the movies is super HD, and is dedicated for streaming and watching movies almost on any device. Also is good to know that this membership is available for all of the countries.


Works on any device Laptop /  Iphone / Android / Ipad /

Unlimited Downloading / streaming

fully Licensed

No Hardware / Software Required

Enjoy It From Any Location!


2. Amazon Free Movies for 30 days : (Free)

 For movies lovers of Amazon is offering a free trial of 30 day, its a very simple and very good way you watch and download movies and TV shows on your mobile and PC and instantly watch over a 40.000 movies and TV shows with a titles for ever one. All this is totally free of cost for this 30 days if You like to continue you will need to pay, if not you should to discontinue.

NOTE: As we know Amazon is one of the biggest brands and they will not offer a free trial account just by registering an email ID. To can avoid multiple free trial usage you need to registered with your credit / debit card but from Amazon will not deduct any cost of money. This is all just to avoid a fake user accounts.


3. Android Apps to download Movies for free

If you adore to stream and download  movies on your android phone then we strongly recommend to use this mentioned way. There is not just a single android app which have the license to provide the movies download but there are is a list of some of the unauthorized android applications useful to download movies on Android phone.

Movies by Flixter:

This app allows you download anything you like, it’s must provide the link and you can start downloading.

Any Movie Downloader:

For instantly downloading the movie desire and start watching instantly on your android then Any movie downloader is the rite app for your android phone.

 Video downloader:

This app gives you a chance to save internet video files. However, this app saves the videofile instead of playing it. You can access downloaded files using the ” Downlaods ” application. Video Downloader only appears http video links.


4. Watching movies direct online for free

The another way to watch movies direct on an android phone, and also on iPhone and Windows phone its simply,  just get and install CRACKLE.

Crackle – If you wish to watch movies on your Android for free of charge then it is most popular app available. Crackle – Movies & TV enables you to watch full-length Hollywood movies and TV shows on your phone. There are hundreds of movies, including the some of popular title, such as the Big Daddy, Pineapple Express, Layer Cake, Joe Dirt, MR. Acts, SWAT, snatch, Panic Room, Stranger Than Fiction, saving Silverman, and more available. The new contents of is added every month. You’ll find thousands of a full length episodes of TV serial. Download crackle – Movies & TV app for Android Play store below:

Download Crackle – Movies & TV App

So far, the above applications is the best legal option for you to watch movies on the Android free of charge. Are you still looking for a way to free of charge movie downloads for free? You know, Google is the ultimate source for downloading movies on Android.

Remember that the downloading movies from various file sharing site is not alvajš legal. So, Be responsible for what are you doing. I have warned you.

All these 4 amazing ways on that how to download and watch movies and TV Shows, you can now simply sit down and relax enjoy in the favorites. The only thing you should worry now is what apps you will choose of the offering like a best way to download.

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    I am using Tubemate on my android phone to download the movie.
    You describe this in your article.
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