Best XEROX Machines for Commercial Purpose in India

Xerox photocopy machine is a must device for any type of small or large scale of business. With the help of this Xerox machine you can easily make commercial documents, enhance the work efficiency of your employees by lessening their work, and finally, you can also increase the success of your business. In these Xerox machines, there are various exceptional brands and different models also which are available in various price ranges in the market. A Xerox copier was the most vital piece of equipment for all most all businesses. This machine will allow you to copy the files from originals, mass production of marketing materials & create huge quantities of employee documents. So while you are going to purchase a good featured Xerox machine you need know your specific copying needs which you require, should guide on the purchasing process because to ensure you and strike a balance between the budget which you are going to spend & what are all features you are going to get with that Xerox machine.

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Features to be considered while purchasing the best xerox machine


  • In how much budget you are going to purchase a Xerox copier was one of the important and primary guiding factors which are needed to be considered.
  • The cost of the actual machine will give you a correct baseline for the comparison among various types of copiers.
  • The cost of maintenance of the machine, service and repair cost was another issue which needs to be taken into consideration.
  • Basically, a complicated Xerox copier with various functions will end up with many problems which you need to get repaired in future.
  • And each time you need to repair it, and mainly you have to pay for labor and for main parts in the machine.
  • You need to spend time & money in training the employees that how to use various functions in the machine. So budget along with features should be taken into consideration while purchasing a Xerox machine.

Print Volume: 

  • The numbers of sheets which you copy on the regular basis will always help you to determine the size & functions of the machine which you need for your requirement.
  • Estimating the average monthly pages which will allow you to find a best Xerox copier which can handle the huge volumes without any frequent toner changes.

Paper Handling: 

  • The type of items which you copy will also affect your purchase. A basic Xerox copier will not handle larger paper sizes. So hence you need to consider how often you need to print larger size of pages and hence this will determine if the machine was capability and essential for your business.
  • The number of pages which the machine can copy per minute is called as CPM and this is the main issue if you need to print large volumes of material very quickly.
  • And in more advanced copiers you require this option to print on both sides, to change the printing scale, collate pages and staple pages together.

Energy Efficiency: 

  • Choosing an energy-efficient Xerox machine with a label of ENERGY STAR® will save you money on the utility bills and also reduces the environmental damage which comes with the high energy consumption.
  • This type of machine will also stay cooler when it works, so you can avoid an increase in office temperature while you are using it very frequently.


  • The controls of the Xerox machine will also affect how easy it was to use the Xerox copier machine. So, you need to choose a machine with intuitive controls and which will allow all the users in the office to understand how to execute all the functions.
  • You need to try various different functions to determine if it was difficult to switch from one to another.

Other Functions

The other uses which are required for the Xerox machine will help you to narrow down the options.

  • A multifunction Xerox will be the best option for a small and commercial scale business because such type of machine will handle several functions like Xeroxing, printing, scanning & also fax from one unit only. This type of machines will save a lot of money over buying an individual machine & even they will save space in the office. These are all the points which are to be considered and will help, while purchasing a best Xerox machine.
  • But you need to make sure that any of the Xerox machines you buy should possess all the necessary features in order to get the better and best results.
  • The machine should be more efficient, fast, user-friendly & obligate countless of top mentioned features, which will improve the quality of the print. Below given are the lists of top best Xerox photocopy machines which are available in India along:

Canon image CLASS MF244dw

Canon image CLASS MF244dw machine offers high quality of printing output with outstanding capabilities which was perfect for any offices or for personnel usage also. The printing speed for A4 sheet was up to 27ppm and for FPOT A4 sheet 6.0secs. Printing resolution was up to 1200 x 1200dpi.  Automated batch copying & scanning of multi-page document was performed by 35-sheet Auto Document Feeder (ADF). Weight of the machine was 16 kgs with an operating system of Windows and Linux.

Key features

  • In Canon image CLASS MF244dw Printing was performed by the method called Monochrome Laser Beam technology
  • Print Speed for A4 size paper was 27ppm
  • Print Resolution was 600 x 600dpi
  • Monthly printing volume which was recommended for this machine was 500 – 2,500 pages.
  • Different variations of the papers can be processed in this machine which includes, A4, B5, A5, Legal, Letter, Executive letters, Statement, Government Letter, simply it can be stated as multipurpose Xerox tray machine.
  • Auto Document Feeder (ADF) for 35 sheets (80g/m2) and available for different paper sizes.
  • MF Scan Utility Scan Driver will have the compatibility for TWAIN, WIA, ICA PAPER HANDLING
  • There is an option of double-sided printing, hence you can save paper, time and environment.
  • With the presence of task-dedicated buttons called One-Touch Solution Keys, which will simplify the operations with the minimal button-pushing when user performs tasks frequently.

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Canon MF-4750 Monochrome Multi-function Laser Printer

Canon MF-4750 Monochrome Multi-function Laser Printer is a blend of both advanced features as well as style. This product name itself conveying as a multi-functional laser machine because it performs scanning, printing, copying and faxing for all the office needs. The weight of the machine was 14 kg, with a compact design and which in turns takes less space & also fits anywhere.

Key features

  • 5-line LCD vari-angle operational display in this machine will able to view the multiple menu options at a single time.
  • With the help of One-Touch Solution Keys, the operations will be even more simplify, only it requires a minimal button pushing.
  • This machine can print at a rate of 24 ppm
  • Print resolution of 600×600 dpi which offers premium quality of outputs.
  • Image refinement technology was provided in this machine, which enhances the print resolution up to 1200×600 dpi.
  • When comes to the copy features, it will let you to create up to 99 copies in a single run with a speed of around 24 pages per minute.
  • Because of On Demand Fixing technology in this machine, it will decrease the heat, hence enables you to get faster prints.
  • With 35 sheet auto feeder, it will take nearly 35 pages together and start copying, faxing, scanning.
  • This product looks will be stylish, sleek, having modern look with compact design and quiet mode of printing and also energy efficient
  • Because of having large LCD display, it will show the information which you need at a glance.
  • Presence of Quiet Mode will ensure the less noisy printing, hence you can work without any distraction.

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HP LaserJet Pro MFP M226dw Printer (Print, Scan, Copy, Fax, Wireless, Duplex, ePrint)

This HP Laser Pro MFP M226dw Printer was particularly designed for productivity, to save time & also helps to decrease the paper costs, by using a reliable automatic two-sided printing & copying technology. By using simple control panel, you can easily start printing. Reduce employee time by using the automatic document feeder in this machine. Provides with 1500-page toner cartridge. You can also connect through USB & access tools at your PC. Weight of the product is 14 kg, with Operating system Windows. With the help of MFP, you can easily manage the settings & keep all your data in a very secure state with built-in features.

Key Features

  • Print Speed was up to 25/26 ppm A4/letter (Normal)
  • Within 8 seconds first page will be out
  • 600 MHz processor with 256MB RAM
  • Per month 15000 pages of Duty Cycle
  • Color flatbed scanner along with ADF
  • Automatic duplex printing with Wi-Fi connection (802.11b/g/n)
  • 6 cm color touchscreen
  • Auto-on and off technology

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Kyocera FS-1120 monochrome Multi-Function Laser Printer

Kyocera FS-1120 monochrome Multi-Function Laser Printer was a functional and affordable printer for both home & small offices, which will perform Copy, Print, Scan & Fax. It is having the memory of 64MB RAM, Paper Capacity (80g/㎡) 250 Sheets (Cassette) with all sizes of papers such as A4, A5, A6, B5, Letter, Legal, Custom (70 x 148 to 216 x 356 mm). Output Capacity will be around 100 Sheets. Monthly Duty Cycle of 20,000 Pages. 10 Degree C – 32.5 Degree C of Operation Environment Temperature with 15-80% of Humidity. Print Speed for A4 paper will be 20 Pages per minute, and 8.5 sec or even less for the First Print.

Key features

  • Print Resolutions will be 1200, 600 dpi
  • Operating System Supported by Microsoft Win-XP/Vista/7, Win Server 2003/2008, Mac OS x (Print Only)
  • Copy Speed of A4 size paper will be 20 Pages per minute
  • Zoom Ratio Manual – 25 – 400 %
  • Scan Speed (Simplex) A4 300dpi – 20 ipm (Mono); 6 ipm (Colour), A4 600dpi – 5 ipm (Mono); 1 ipm (Colour)
  • Start Up Toner 700 Pages
  • Maintenance Kit MK-1110 Installed at 100,000 Pages
  • Power Source AC 220 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Machine will be very compact size with small footprint

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Canon MF249DW Printer

Canon MF249DW was all-in-one and performs multi-functionalities such as Print, Copy, Scan, Fax etc. this is a feature-rich printer with wireless connectivity. It will save time by copying & scanning on both-sides. Having the property of 50-sheet duplex automatic document feeder. Print Speed for the A4 paper will be up to 27ppm FPOT (A4): 6.0secs.

Key features

  • Print Resolution will be Up to 1200 x 1200dpi
  • Monthly recommended print volume was 500 – 2,500 pages
  • Product Dimensions 37.8 x 39.1 x 36.1 cm
  • Weight of the machine was 13 kg
  • Operating system Windows

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