Cost of Building a Website in India

Well, before going in details of website building, let me tell you that there are basically three different types of basic cost involved in building a website.

  • Domain Registration
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Design

The price range of the above three services mainly varies from the functionalities which you s require on your website. Some of the factors on which the cost of websites depends is dependent on a range of factors such as number of pages, content and complexity of design, the amount of data you want to store in the backend, etc.

Domain Registration

It generally costs from Rs.500 to Rs.1500 to host a website. Domains are purchased on a yearly plan. The cost of different types of domains of different. For example, .in domain will cost around Rs. 500 whereas .com being the expensive one may cost upto Rs.1500.

Web Hosting

After selecting the domain, you are now free to choose a web host. A web host provides you with the space, tools and email accounts which you require for hosting a website. You will get the option of shared servers and dedicated servers. Dedicated servers can cost upto Rs.8000 per month.

Web Design

Well, the cost of web designing depends on the factors listed above. This time you are paying to the web designer. There are several ways in which you can design a website.

Free Website Builders: For using there tools, you don’t have to be an expert in web designing. There are some website building tools which work on WYSISYG editors. For templates and other sophisticated designs, there are hundreds of readymade templates available on these tools.

Hiring a Web Designer: If you want to create a website with complex functionalities, hire a professional web developer. Web Designers may charge you even on hourly basis.

Create it on your own: If you have decided to build a web page on your own, you can use a powerful tool called Adobe Dreamweaver, which is one of the best tools for web design.

Listed below is the common price quotations of website design and maintenance in India:

  • Static and responsive website with 5 pages: Rs.5000
  • CMS website: Rs.700/page
  • Product Catalog: Rs.25,000 and above
  • eCommerce: Rs. 35,000 and above0
  • Yearly maintenance of host and domain: Rs.200

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