Create High Quality Videos With Screen Capture

Using screen capture software it is possible to record video footage directly from your screen and use it to create all kinds of videos. But as you may have noticed, there is a big difference between how some videos that are recorded using screen capture turn out – and sometimes their quality may leave a lot to be desired.

If you want to make sure that your videos look great, you need software such as Movavi Screen Capture. It has all the key features that you require to create high quality videos using a display recorder, and more importantly is so easy to use that you won’t need to spend long learning how to put it to work.

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Fully Control the Capture Parameters

Right from the start you’ll be able to fully control all the capture parameters when you use Movavi Screen Capture. That includes:

• Re-sizing and positioning the capture frame to encompass any part of your screen or use one of the preset sizes or full screen option.
• Setting the frame rate of up to 60 frames per second for the smoothest high quality playback (or less, to conserve space).
• Selecting the audio source that you want to record by choosing between the system audio, microphones, or some other device.
• Displaying keyboard actions on screen so that they can be captured as part of the recording.
• Highlighting the mouse cursor to make it more visible and setting up a custom ‘click’ sound.

By tweaking these settings to suit your needs, you should be able to ensure that your video looks exactly as you want. More to the point, because you will have full control over the frame rate and screen resolution, you can record high quality videos that are sharp and clear without any issues.

Aside from all that, Movavi Screen Capture will also help you to simplify the recording process itself. In particular, you will want to make use of the inbuilt timer that will automatically stop the recording after a certain duration – so you don’t need to sit at your PC and babysit long recordings.

Also using the hotkeys to control the recording will make things a little easier – though if you prefer you could use the on-screen controls that will appear right beside the capture frame. After the recording is done, you should also make use of the presets available to optimize the format and settings for the device or platform that you wish to use.

As you can see, Movavi Screen Capture has everything you need to create high quality videos using screen capture. Because it makes it all so easy and straightforward, you should have no problem getting started as soon as you download it and try it out.


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