Data recovery on PC: EaseUS restores lost data

Lost data is the ultimate nightmare in the digital age. It doesn’t always have to be the spectacular theft of data or a crash of computer systems: users often delete important data themselves inadvertently. In such cases, data recovery software can be very useful.








In the everyday life for many companies and private users, the accidental loss of data is a frequently occurring “classic” problem in dealing with computers. In most cases, neither technical failure nor criminal data theft (cyber crime) is involved. Instead, the data is accidentally deleted, moved or overwritten. What to do in such situations?


Data recovery software can help you to solve this problem and avoid searching for hours and hours of trial and error. The on-board resources of operating systems such as Windows (Microsoft) or MacOS (Apple) are often not very helpful (or are not well known to users).


But you can’t expect miracles from the third-party software: Destroyed hard disks are and remain a case for the expert. Similarly, data that was deleted or overwritten weeks or months ago cannot be restored so easily. After all, data recovery software should not only be installed when the emergency has already occurred. Because then the new software might just overwrite irretrievably the data, which should be rescued with your help!


One of the most important preventive measures is of course the regular backup of data. The user should also be familiar with how to handle backups, i. e. not only how to create them, but also how to restore them. However, backups are not always helpful either, because they are created hourly at best, but often at longer intervals. In such cases, the hour of the software for data recovery is approaching.


This tool can search individual hard disks, but also USB sticks or memory cards for deleted and otherwise corrupted files or folders and display and make them accessible again. It doesn’t matter whether it is documents, photos, videos, e-mails or compressed files.


Among the numerous providers of such software, we recommend a look at EaseUS data recovery software: This software offers its “Data Recovery Wizard” for free download. This allows the functional scope of this software to be extensively tested and data to be restored in a volume of up to 2 GB. The possibility to recover files from the empty trash can be especially useful. The program works on both Windows and Mac computers. It has been on the market since 2005 and is currently available in version 11.6.


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