How to download songs directly from Pandora on android

Pandora being among the best apps to listen and download music from, there is no doubt that you will need to have this app with you. Although, android users were not in the past able to download songs directly from Pandora as this service was only available to the iOS devices, it is now very much possible for you to download songs directly from Pandora on android device. If you are interested in getting to learn how you can do this, you are at the right place since we will walk you through the whole process of getting to learn how to do it by yourself.

First things first, it is important to note that it against the Pandora terms and conditions for you to download their songs and therefore you should be warned. For you to be able to download those songs from Pandora, you will need to use the Pandora download client which is known as pandown and it is very important for you to note that your phone will have to be rooted for you to successful install and use this app and therefore you need to ensure you root your android phone before you install this app. The procedure you will need to follow is highlighted below:

Install and run PanDown

Earlier I had mentioned that you will need to root your android device before you get to install this app and after you have made sure that your device is rooted, you should then proceed to the play store and here you do not need a lot of instructions since you will only be required to download the pandown app for the play store and since you will find two options to either download the free one or the paid version and you can get whichever you feel most comfortable with as there is no limitation for either of them on how to download songs on your android. The main difference worth noting between the two versions is that the free version contains ads and the paid version is free from all those ads.

After you have downloaded the pandown, you will now be required to install and the installation process is pretty much what you are used to as once the download is complete you will be prompted to run the application and you will just click on yes and the application will have been installed. After the installation process has been successful and is complete, you will be required to fire it up a very easy process from where you will now proceed to giving it the root access you earlier created and after these two easy steps your pandown will be ready for use.

The downloading process

Now just in case you have not yet downloaded the Pandora app, you will be required to download the app to your android phone and the procedure will be just the same as the one we followed while installing the pandown. You will simply visit the play store and get hold of your Pandora app, download it and run the setup to install it and you will be ready to use. It is not a hard process, right? After downloading your Pandora, you will now be free to start the application and start listening to your favorite songs. It is important to note that all the current versions of the Pandora are supported by this service and therefore you need not worry about which one is the best for this type of service.
After opening your Pandora and you start listening to your favorite songs, you are bound to notice a list of those songs in the pandown provided you did not shut it down when we were installing as you remember I told you to leave it running. From the list that will appear on pandown there will be two options, one the play option and the other the download option both showed by their internationally recognized symbols and therefore this will not be hard for you to recognize. So if you would want to only listen to a particular song in the list, you will simply click on the play option and if you will want to download that particular song which our main concern today, you will click on the download symbol and the download process will immediately begin.
The only set back although it is not really a setback is that the pandown will not be in a position to give you the song titles of those songs or even the artists and it will just show you the lists of those songs in some numbers. The problem to this is that you will not be able to recognize which song is that and therefore you will not be able to download the song straight away since you will first have to first preview or listen to it so that you can give its appropriate name so that you can only get to download those songs that you like. As you have seen it is not that of a big setback and it can easily be solved. Now just like any other types of downloads, the songs you download too will go to your downloads folder from where you will be in a position to listen to them like any other MP3 songs you may have in your android device without experiencing any problems.

Be warned

I know it is a very easy process to follow up and you certainly cannot experience any difficulties in downloading songs from the Pandora from your android device. The steps are well highlighted and there is no way you can fail to follow them all. Although it is a good thing to finally get to download your favorite songs from the Pandora, you should be warned that it is very much against the terms set out by Pandora since by doing this, you will be evading the pay option for you to get those songs you like and therefore you should do this at your own risk.

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  1. Jillian Beene

    What about with Pandora one? When you thumbs up it asks if you would like to download, i click yes, it downloads, but cannot figure out how to listen to the downloaded songs

    1. Kat

      Same! Help

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