Download Videos from Facebook in iOS 8 Easily On iPhone,iPad



Today is a time of full utilization of the networking in may designs and shapes. Today Face Book has become so common and favourite that right from teen agers to the age of sixty’s and seventy’s every person likes to be on the Face book. Not only the students but also you can see the celebrities, politicians and diplomats being member of Face Book. This social site is very famous for its different posts, messages and stories which go on changing every second. Sometimes we can see videos on very interesting topic and would like to see it again & again later. But for making it available for next time view you have to down load the video and save it for the next time. Today we are going to give you the guidelines for downloading videos from Face Book to your iOs, iPhones and iPads. After you learn this tactics you would find it very easy to download the videos on your device.

Today the method which we are going to tell you is very simple. That method will add a down load function right from Face Book to your device. You have to only select the video by the selection arrow and click on down load on your iPhone. It will have to be saved and you can see it later on any time and you can view it to others for a fun and enjoyment.

Method to Download Videos from Official Facebook App

First of all you have to jail break your device and install cydia on it. Actually you should install cydia tweak which is known as prenesi for downloading the videos from the Face Book This repo is absolutely free of cost from boss reopen and possess no disadvantages. That will load a down load switch button inside the Face Book application. Through this method the videos are directly saved in to your camera therefore you do not have to go to any other app to view. However, you can treat it as a normal stuff as you can delete it and edit it any time you like.

How To Get Prenesi Cydia Tweak For Facebook Video Downloading

Now we are going to show you the exact method of downloading the video. You have to follow the instruction step by step very carefully to get the immediate results

  • As we told you earlier first you have to jail break your device. Let it be iPone, iPad, and other. Then you have to go for the installation of cydia.
  • After that you should g to your cydia app. It will be in the bottom menu, tap on the search
  • After doing that in the search bar only you have to write Prenesi. Immediately the search result will appear.
  • Then you should tap on tweak. You have to download and also install it.
  • After that respring your device carefully

Now that’ all your work is over. Now this is the duty of tweak to integrate automatically into Face Book app. Now you can download any video from Face Book by selecting it from the new feed into your device.

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