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As everyone knows that Twitter is a famous and most favourite social network site which is being used largely by the common people but also politicians, celebrities, or any other person of high profile. There are many people who regularly visit the Twitter website and follow their favourite account on that would like to download the pictures or video clips from there for their own pleasure and show it to other friends and relatives. But the question is how to down load that, because most of the people do not know about the downloading system. Taking into consideration this need of the many users we are noting herewith the method of downloading from the Twitter site, after learning that it will be easier for them to down load any object.

By the way we should inform you that there are many website, from where you scan know about the downloading system, by pasting the url of the video. So first of all let us know how to down load videos from the Twitter. That procedure is also very easy but it is necessary to follow the instruction carefully step by step. Now we shall discuss about the downloader procedure which is also very simple and handy. To activate al such facility in your device it is compulsory to check the battery position before starting it. Sometimes battery let you down if it becomes weak half the way.

How To Download Twitter Videos Using Video Downloader?


You have to initially, down load the Video Downloader app. from Twitter, for iOS 7,8,8.1,8.3, and 8.4

STEP-2 After that you have to open twitter app.

STEP-3 Just locate for that particular video which you want to download. Then you copy the url.

STEP-4 After copying the link open the video downloader.

STEP-5 You should Paste link in the video downloader for downloading the video

STEP-6 Now you have to simply click on download to download the video.

Once the downloading is completed, you can share the video with any Social site like Face book within that application.

If you still have problem in downloading you can go to other websites like downloadtwitter.com or videograbber.net.

The downloading system from the above two sites are same, whether you go for any one of the site. But still we would like to guide you as to how you should proceed step by step.

Download Twitter Videos Using website Downloadtwittervideo.com

STEP-1 Open the site downloadtwittervideo.com

STEP-2 Then you have find out that particular video which you want to download

STEP-3 Then you should enter url.

STEP-4 After that you should click on download.

STEP-5   You have to wait for a few seconds till you request is getting processed.

STEPS-6 Finally click on the download option.

The complete procedure of downloading the video is hereby shown for your iPhone or iPad iOs 8 and iOs 8.3 and iOs 8.4 you have the follow the instruction correctly step by step to avoid any error in down loading. You should use the same step for some other site like videograbber.net because the downloading procedure is almost same.

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