Easiest Way To Enable Voice Calling On WhatsApp On Jailbroken iPhone.


In today’s time Whatsapp network application service has developed some unique feature of voice calling in whatsapp. This newly introduced service will help you to connect any of your friend , relatives or the loved one easily and efficiently whenever and where in the world you want. This newly created and introduced service is available on latest version of whatsapp. Which is called “Whatsapp. Beta” In case you want to have this service on your phone , you will have to jailbroke your device if it is not and  go for the installation of cydia tweak to enable whatsapp. Calling feature by proper setting.


Now we will tell you how to do this. The only thing you have go for is to install Whatsapp. Beta on your jailbroken device. After that you should install Whatsapp Call Enabler Tweak from Cydia . There is one more important thing which is recommendable to add repo:cydia. Angelxwind.net to the list of cydia sources and install Appsync Tweak. All should be installed before installation of the latest version of whatsapp. On your phone.

Once you have completed the installations as mentioned above , you should follow the guidelines given here step by step to enable Whatsapp. Voice Calling on your iPhone perfectly.


It is very important to note that you must make it sure that your device is jail broken. In case it is not jail broken, you cannot follow the further steps and the new Voice Calling Service of whatsapp. Will  not work on your phone. I can suggest you something very easy to make your jail broke. I can recommend you to use TiaG Jailbroke which is supposed to be the latest one today and will work better than any other.


Suppose you  have jail break your device successfully, then it will be quite useful to down load the latest version of whatsapp. Which is called as  Whatsapp. Beta. Which will ensure you the whatsapp. Calling as good as any other voice calling system.


Now you should add repo : apt.imokhles.com to the list of cydia sources on your iPhone.


After that you need to install WhatsApp Call Enabler and  see in the photograph if you want to enable it,  you have to toggle it.


After completing all the steps now you have successfully enabled your device. After launching the Whatsap you try to contact any  of your friend who had already had the calling facility on his phone before. Just contact him and ask him to call you back. If his return cal is also received by you successfully it means now you are fully equipped with to and fro Whatsapp. Vice calling system on you phone.

According to me after following the steps rightly, there should not be an problem in Whatsapp. Voice caling service in your phone. But still if you have any issue or any kind of reception or receiving problem you can contact Whatsapp. Help centre.


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