Easiest Way To Mute And Leave The Conversation Groups On iOS!!

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Sometimes it happens that voluntarily or involuntarily you join some group on your iOS. After joining the group a very big problem arises that frequent messages from the members. When you get the messages your device alert you for that. If it is once or twice a day then it is Ok. But if you go on getting the notification about the message it becomes a head ache. It is not only disturbing but also irritating. Likewise, if not a group but some particular person or persons are sending you large number of messages in a day or around the clock it really becomes very inconvenient. It is quite obvious that whenever a message will come you will get the notification immediately. We are going to suggest you as to how you can mute such notifications and get rid of the problem.

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How To Mute The Notifications From Specified Person??

If you are tired of getting notifications from a person and you don’t want him to disturb you. You can do following thing to mute notifications from that individual person…

The solution is as under for getting rid of unwanted notification.

  • First you have to launch messaging application from the iQS device
  • After opening the message page try to locate the message of that particular person or group which you want to mute. You may have to scroll up or down to search that group or person. In case of group there might be different messages from different group member, but you stick to any one of them. But in case of a single person you should stay on his chat.
  • Now you would see that on the upper side of page on the right side there is a detail button, you have to tap on that.
  • After tap you will see that at the bottom of the page the option of Do Not Disturb will be there. You have to turn it ON.
  • After that you will see that Mute, a small sign will appear on the screen saying about that particular person QUITE EASY. It means you have successfully done your job. Hope that this procedure will be helpful to you for getting away from unwanted notification of the messages. .

Now we will come to the other point which is group chatting and getting rid of the notifications for the messages very frequently, and you do not want to become the part of their conversation at all.

Actually Group Chatting or conversation was primarily introduced by Apple in iQs. The idea was to facilitate the users to chat in group with their contacts instead of individually with a person. This is a useful facility specially for those who want to chat with their friend in group and enjoy the conversations .It was quite interesting idea but later on the reports of its draw backs also started coming in to the knowledge of the users. The complaint was about the group chatting, that there was no option given in the device to leave that particular group as &  when required. Ultimately the user was compelled to remain in the conversation and the group reluctantly. But later on this defect was removed from the device now you can leave any group whenever you want to

How To Leave The Conversation On iOS Device?

  • First you have to launch message application on your iPhone or iPad
  • Scroll down or up as per the requirement to locate that particular Group which you want to leave. After getting it you Tap on it.
  • Now you would see that upper side of the page at right corner there is a option of Detail given , you should tap on that.
  • On the bottom of the page you would see that it is clearly written Leave This Conversation. You have to simply toggle it. Now you completed your job successfully.




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