Best Electronic Safes in India

Every incident of crime or calamity has you sweating about the safety of your prized possessions. This is why we put our faith in banks and entrust our valuables to their vaults. But what about things that you might need regularly? It would be impractical to keep insurance papers in a bank locker or a favorite pair of diamond ear-rings that you wear often. Usually, people buy steel almirah that have pre-installed lockers to keep their precious stuff. However, typically, these are small-sized and flimsy. A better option is to buy a home safe to keep your treasures.

Now here are some features of the common safes which are available in the market which will help you figure out which one to buy.

Electronic safes 

These safes are ideal for safeguarding small amounts of cash, jewelry or other small assets from break-ins, and cost about 5,000. Locking mechanisms for such safes range from electronic number locks, locks that can be opened with a magnetic strip card as well as advanced locks which open only by fingerprint.

Fire resistant safes 

These are heavier and sturdier than small electronic safes and protect documents from fire. If you plan to store old tape recordings or photographs, choose a safe that is rated not to exceed 150 degrees Fahrenheit inside so that the contents remain safe. Computer disks and DVDs are even more sensitive, so look for a safe whose interior temperature doesn’t exceed 125 degrees.

Fire and burglary resistant safes 

What many don’t know is that a fire resistant safe is not necessarily also burglarproof and vice versa. These safes are the most advanced for home use and can withstand attacks from advanced burglary tools such as drills and crowbars as well as protect from fire for a couple of hours.

Data storage safes 

These are safes specifically designed to protect electronic gadgets like laptops, data cards, microchips, etc. They are equipped with lights within them as well as a charging point so that important data on the device is kept in a secure place while ensuring that it is ready for use at all times.

Godrej Access Electronic Safe

Come from the house of play masters in manufacturing Home-appliances, Godrej. They are the major leaders in this segment of Electronic Lockers.

Without going in much detail, we shall discuss the Key features of the product:

  • Color: Ivory, Finish: Powder coated
  • Material: Mild Steel
  • Dimensions – 200*300*200(mm)
  • Specific Use: Secure storage
  • Interior carpet
  • Motorized shooting bolts for extra protection
  • Auto Freeze After Consecutive Wrong Attempts
  • Opens with a 3 – 6 Digit Password
  • Password Entry can be Hidden
  • Non-volatile Memory Prevents Password Erasure when the Battery is Low
  • Mechanical Override Available
  • Enabled with a Master Password
  • Price: Rs.5100

Godrej Esquire Electronic Safe (Ivory)
This safe ensures full safety of your valuable possessions using this Esquire safe locker from Godrej. It is a compact and affordable option that protects valuables with a digital locking mechanism and motorized shooting bolts.


  • Material type: Mild steel, Shape: Cuboidal
  • Interior carpet
  • Motorized Shooting bolts for extra protection
  • Non-volatile memory prevents password erasure, when the battery is low
  • Low battery indicator
  • Password entry can be hidden
  • Opens with a 3 – 6 Digit Password
  • Mechanical Override
  • Auto Freeze After 3 Consecutive Wrong Entries
  • Master Password Available
  • Price: Rs.4928

Godrej Filo Biometric 40 Electronic Safe
The Godrej Filo Biometric 40 is an electronic safe which is made with high quality mild steel and comes with multiple features. Filo’s multiband design along with motorized shooting bolts provides the user with enhanced protection. The Filo comes compact with attractive aesthetics and is available in a cuboidal shape. It is packed with hi-tech features such as a low battery indicator and superior software for fast and accurate verification for authentic access. Its non-volatile memory prevents password erase during battery drain or failure. The powerful security measure include of the Godrej Filo Biometric 40 Electronic Safe include keypad freezers after consecutive wrong attempts. It is the perfect security solution and is the obvious choice at your home or at office. The tall and sleek design of the Godrej Filo Biometric 40 Electronic Safe enables easy storage and access for A4 files, documents and other tall items.

Key Features:

  • Material type: Mild steel, Shape: Cuboidal
  • Tall design enables easy storage and access for A4 files, documents and tall items
  • Mechanical override incase password is forgotten
  • Motorized shooting bolts
  • Low battery indicator
  • Non-volatile memory prevents password erasure, when the battery is low
  • Auto freeze after consecutive wrong attempts
  • Enabled with a master password
  • Option to mask the password entry
  • Price: Rs.10,600

Godrej E-Laptop Electronic Safe
Another electronic safe from the house of Godrej. The additional and intelligent feature it has is that it has a laptop charging point within the safe. Let’s discuss some of its key features:


  • Material type: Mild steel, Shape: Cuboidal
  • Opens with a 3-6 digit password
  • Auto freeze after consecutive wrong attempts
  • Mechanical override in case password is forgotten
  • Non-volatile memory prevents password erasure, when the battery is low
  • Enabled with a master password
  • Can accommodate a 17-inch laptop
  • Compact with attractive aesthetics
  • Interior carpet
  • Low battery indicator
  • USB data retrieval
  • Price: Rs.7,999

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