Best External Hard Disks in India

Before getting a deal on an external hard Disk, you should keep few things in mind which determines the overall performance of your choice. Solid-state storage may be sexy, but if you’re looking for huge capacity and tiny prices, then the classic hard disk remains unbeaten. Available capacities of portable drives with laptop-style disks inside now extends up to a whopping 2000GB, more commonly referred to as 2 terabytes (TB). Most portable USB drives are powered from the connected computer, so you can use them on the move without the need to plug into the mains.
Capacity: Even the smallest portable hard drive, it will have a minimum capacity of 500GB which is equivalent to around 2000 CDs. One of the most critical task of the hard drives are to create Backups of vital data. Some portable drives include software that can help automate this process, keeping your selected directories in sync whenever you plug in the drive or by a daily schedule.
Performance: Now that USB 2.0 has been banished from all self-respecting storage, the USB 3.0 as the standard for connection, letting these portable drives perform as quickly as the little disks inside will allow. This means that when transferring your music or video collection to or from your PC, you can expect around 100MB/s read speed (and typically the same for writing, since unlike flash storage technology the read and write speeds tend to be more symmetrical). Compare this with the older drives using USB 2.0, which would limit speeds to around 35MB/s, or only one-third the speed. So in real terms, your 100GB of media files would take close to an hour to transfer with USB 2.0, or under 20 minutes using USB 3.0.
Security: The larger the drive, the more storage it has, and the more data you have you will lose a lot of data if you lose your hard disk. There are two ways to ensure the data is unreadable by other users. You can scramble the contents through hardware encryption. Or you can use a software application to encrypt either parts or all of the drive. The hardware-encryption option is good for defeating key loggers and other malware already installed on your PC, and this solution also tends to be platform agnostic, so works as well with Windows, Linux or Mac computers. The disadvantage is that the security is hard-coded into the drive, so that in the event of a vulnerability being discovered there’s little chance of upgrading or fixing it. Software encryption can be more flexible, but ensure that it works on your chosen computer platform. Ideally the software should be open-source to reduce the chance of it being compromised by deliberate back doors introduced by the developer. Unfortunately since the demise of True Crypt there is no cross-platform data encryption software that fits this requirement.
Transcend StoreJet 25M3 2.5-inch 1TB Portable External Hard Drive
This drive has a two key benefits, first, it is shock resistant and second, it has one-touch external back-up button. It has successfully passed the drop test. It is a robust hard disk with exceptional performance. It has a rubberized external grip. In addition to everything, it has an official tool for data recovery called ‘RecoverX’ which is supported only on Windows.


Brand :Transcend
Model :StoreJet 25M3
Type :Portable External Hard Drive
Buffer :8 MB
Part Number: TS1TSJ25M3
Connectivity: USB 3.0
OS Supported Windows: XP, Vista, 7, Linux Kernel v2.6.31 or Above, Mac OS X v10.5 or Later (Only USB 2.0 Currently Supported)
Form Factor Portable
Transfer Speed USB 3.0 – 5 Gb/s, USB 2.0 – 480 Mb/s
Features Compatible with USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Shock Proof Hard disk
Weight 0.216 kg
Dimensions 129.5 x 82.4 x 20.4 mm
Power Saving Mode 10 mins
RPM 5400 rpm
Capacity 1 TB
Variant 1 TB
Size 2.5 inch

WD My Passport Ultra WDBGPU0010BBK 1TB Portable External Hard Drive
This Hard Disk is a trusted Hard Disk which has an activated 25-bit hardware encryption to add the extra level of security. It is available in 3 different colors. WD supports automatic local and cloud backup. It has 3-years of limited Warranty.
Brand WD
Model WD Elements
Type Portable External Hard Drive
Part Number WDBUZG0010BBK
Connectivity USB 3.0
OS Supported Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac
Form Factor Portable
Transfer Speed USB: 480 Mbps
Color Black
Features NTFS File Format System, Data Transfer Rate: 5000 Mbit/s, USB Powered, Sleek and Light Weight Design, Operating Temperature Range: 5 Deg C – 35 Deg C, Storage Temperature Range: -20 Deg C – 65 Deg C, Plug and Play, Backward Compatibility with USB 2.0, Durable, Shock Tolerant, Long-term Reliability
In The Box Hard Drive, USB Cable
Weight 130 g
Dimensions 82 x 111 x 15 mm
Model Name Elements
Capacity 1 TB
Variant 1 TB
Size 2.5 inch

Seagate Wireless Plus
This Hard disk relieves you from the hassles of the wires. The Wireless Plus creates a personal Wi-Fi network, so you can access all your content on-the-go without messing with wires or searching for Internet hotspots. With Seagate Wireless Plus, you can enjoy your media and access your files without wires or the Internet. This mobile storage device broadcasts its own WiFi network, so you can wirelessly stream your media and files to your tablet or smartphone on-the-go and off-the-grid. The free Seagate media app for iOS and android makes it easy to navigate and enjoy content wherever you go. Forget about having to choose which files to load onto your tablet or smartphone before a trip. Bring it all with you, Wireless Plus has 1TB of built-in storage, which means you can load up to 500 movies or thousands of songs, photos and documents. Simply drag-and-drop to load files wirelessly from your PC or Mac computer or use the USB 3.0 adapter to load files up to 10× faster than Wi-Fi. Wireless Plus allows up to eight tablets and smartphones to access and store content at the same time. Leave it in your bag, set it on the table, place it anywhere in the car with a range of up to 150 feet you’ll never feel tethered to your storage. Best of all, by creating its own Wi-Fi network, there is no need for an internet connection and you don’t have to use your data plan.
Brand Seagate
In The Box Seagate Wireless Plus, USB 3.0 cable, Compact USB wall charger, Quick start guide, 2-year limited warranty
Cable Length 39.5 cm
Model Wireless Plus External Hard Drive Stcv2000300
Weight 272 g
Capacity 2 TB
Connectivity USB 3.0
OS Supported Free Seagate Media app for iOS, Android?, Kindle Fire and Windows 8/RT
Color Grey

Samsung M3
The Samsung M3 Portable External Hard Drive delivers handy portable storage. It is easy to take wherever you go, and has ample capacity up to 2TB. The durable black design stands up to the rigors of daily use. With the digital content superseding our day-to-day life the need for extra storage is inevitable. This Samsung M3 1TB portable external hard drive can be a perfect choice for your additional storage requirements. You can save all your data in its optimum 1 TB space and keep it readily accessible. Lightweight and compact, you can easily keep this Samsung M3 portable hard disk, in your handbag or backpack, and access your data with ease. Without adding any additional bulk to your backpack you get the advantage of generous storage space.
Software Auto Back-up Personal Backup Solution, Secure Drive for Worry-free Data Security, SecretZone can Encrypt Data on the Device

Brand Samsung
Model M3
Type Portable External Hard Drive
Part Number HX-M101TCB/G
Connectivity USB 3.0
OS Supported Windows: XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS X v10.4.8
Form Factor Portable
Transfer Speed USB 3.0: 4.8 Gbps
Color Black
Features Handy Portable Storage, SafetyKey Protection for Data, Operating Temperature: 5Deg C – 40Deg C, Non-operating Temperature: -20Deg C – 65Deg C
In The Box M3 Portable Hard Disk, USB Cable, Quick Install Guide
Weight 151 g
Dimensions 82 x 19.6 x 112 mm
Model Name M3 Portable
Capacity 1 TB

Toshiba Canvio Basics HDTB310AK3AA
Discover one of the easiest ways to add storage to your computer with Toshiba’s Canvio Basics portable hard drive, offering one of the simplest storage solutions right out of the box. Canvio Basics Portable Hard Drives offer plug and play ease of use with no software to install. Just connect it to the USB port on your computer and you are good to go. For those who want easy, effective drag-and-drop storage to manage their growing digital library, the Canvio Basics is a great solution. Offering up to 2 terabyte of capacity1, and powered by USB 3.0 technology, it lets you copy even some of the largest files off your PC and onto the drive faster than ever before. Thanks to a special internal shock sensor and ramp loading technology to guard against accidents and drops for greater peace of mind, it’s also the perfect way to share or transport your digital content, and can be used with USB 2.0 connections, too. Whether for work, school, or digital entertainment, Canvio Basics Portable Hard Drives accommodate large digital files with spacious storage capacity. You can rest assured that there is a Canvio Basics Portable Hard Drive that meets your storage needs and your lifestyle. Your digital world is growing by the moment. So expand your storage effortlessly and forge ahead confidently with Toshiba’s Canvio Basics portable hard drive.

Brand Toshiba
Model HDTB310AK3AA
Part Number HDTB310AK3AA
Connectivity USB 3.0
OS Supported Windows: 7, 8, 8.1
Form Factor Portable
Transfer Speed USB 3.0: 5.0 Gb/s
Color Black
Features Flie System: NTFS (MS Windows), CPU with 750 MHz or Faster, 10 MB System Hard Disk Space, 256 MB System Memory, Store upto 2 TB of Data, Enclosure: Matt Casing
In The Box Canvio Basics, USB 3.0 micro-B Cable, Quick Start Guide, Users Manual (Pre-installed on the Hard Drive), Warranty Leaflet
Weight 230 g
Dimensions 15 x 79 x 119 mm
Model Name Canvio Basic
Capacity 1 TB
Size 2.5 inch

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