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Ios to Ios the face video callas either over wi-fi or 3g cellular is superb feature which has been provided by today’s technology. Those who are using this facility must be aware that how enjoyable and precious is this kind of facility over their device, It is called Facetime, who you can get now almost all the brands of apple. It is very easy to use that facility. You have to just open the name of your friend from the contact list whom you want to contact via Facetime.  This is not only fast but also very clear and easily accessible.

At the same time there are many issues which have come up regarding Facetime connection problem resulting into not working the device completely. Today we are going to suggest you some Fixes which will be able to correct that defect and you will be in a position to contact Facetime video calling perfectly.

In fact, the issue of” Facetime not working” may be a basic problem even with your new Ios, But do not worry you can still apply them to rectify that problem without any difficulty.

But it is necessary that before going for the fixes what we are going to suggest you, we should check the compatibility options which are required for “Face time” in your device. In case there is anything less in that then you’re facing the not working issue is quite natural and logical. So here we are starting with checking of the compatibility of the device before moving further.

Device Compatibility

When we hear from Apple that Facetime will now be available on certain cellular data carries certain amount of limitation in iDevices due to their model version. Therefore you should make it sure that you are getting this issue on your iPhone or iPad., as these the latest facetime compatible devices which will definitely support facetime over wi-fi and also 3G and 4G as well. Below is the list of those devices which may have that issue.

  1. iPhone 4s
  2. iPhone 5,5s/5c
  3. iPhone 6/6+
  4. iPad 3
  5. Pad mini 1 and 2
  6. And some newer models.

So mostly these will be the devices you will be getting your facetime not working issues. .

iOS Compatibility

The reality is that Facetime is supposed to be not working for ios 6 and other lower version officially. Apparently you may have the app of “Facetime’ on your device. But when you would connect them, they may cause big issues at that time when you start using them. The same issue may continue even if you update your device. I am talking about iPhone 4 to ios 7+ the reason is very clear that those cellular are not compatible for Facetime.

You must make it sure that you have:

  • iOS 7
  • iOS 7+
  • iOS 8
  • iOS 8+

We would suggest some fixes for you to try for rectifying not working problem of Face time on your iPhone and iPad. These are very simple ones and hopefully will solve the problem.

  • First you go to setting
  • Then you open Factime
  • You should disable the Facetime switch
  • Now you should wait for a few minutes in the meantime you can also restart the device
  • Finally activate Face time



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