Must have food delivery apps in India

The best way to start your startup is to think about a sector which has immense potential and make on mobile app. If, everything goes well, you can also become a successful entrepreneur. The food and beverages sector has seen massive influx of young professionals which ensures that the restaurant and food delivery segment goes to a long way.

The list below give you a list of the most popular and impressive apps that makes tasty and delicious food just a click away. These apps lets your favorite food delivered at your door steps, securely and quickly with the help of a smartphone.



One of the most popular online food delivery apps in India. The main reason of its popularity is the huge database it maintains of the restaurant from the big metro cities to the small town. In addition to the above, it has lot of discount available, which attracts more users.

This app helps you create your own profile and save your favorite restaurants so that you can have quick access the nest time. You can also save multiple addresses under the label of Home and Office. This app accepts payment both online through credit/debit cards and cash on delivery. This app is currently providing its services in 34 cities from Delhi, Mumbai to Bangalore and smaller towns like Amritsar, Howrah.


This is the latest addition to the food ordering apps in India. Founded in 2014, this company is based in Bangalore. They have a very good UI on their app. They provide discount coupons with every order they deliver. This app provides food ordering and delivery solutions from the best neighborhood to the urban foodie. This app provides single window for ordering food on a large variety of food. They have a huge fleet of delivery boys who deliver food from the outlets to your door steps. The best thing about this app is that it has No Minimum Order Policy.


Zomato is in-arguably the best restaurant recommendation service in India. They have services practically in all the cities of the country and even across the seas. They have massive database of restaurant with the menu which they offer in the restaurant. They even feature some of the popular food ‘thelas’. They keep on changing their UI and keep the bugs miles out of their app.

Zomato also works as a social network of foodies. They have a feed on the home page which keeps you updated with the lasted reviews and comments posted by the foodies. Zomato team regularly creates a curated list called ‘Collections’, in which they feature the most impressive restaurant and food joints in different categories.




Recently launched, Faaso’s in one of the very fast growing popular food deliver app. They specialize in they large section of Wraps. They currently provide services in Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Pune. Unlike many other apps in this category, Faaso’s has done a great job with its app and treads a fine line between making the app stick to the restaurant’s aesthetics while still being easy and simple to use.

You can customize your order in multiple ways. You can make payments through cash and credit/debit cards. You can also use this app to keep a track of your orders.



How often you have felt hungry on a train? The situation may be even worse when you don’t like the food of the pantry or the Railway Stations. I f you face these kind of issues during your, Travel Khana is the app for you. You can place the order of the food you want to eat and the food will be delivered to your train berth at your desired station within your train route. Once you pick a restaurant, the app lets you pick what you want to eat within the food offered by the restaurant.

Other famous food apps famous in the respective cities where they provide services are:

  • Time City
  • Burrp!
  • FoodMingo
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • TastyKhana
  • Just Eat

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  1. very nice blog…….In today’s era people have reached to mobile phone and most of the restaurants are move themselves into online platform by publish android application to grab business from online platform. AppsBazar have a unique Restaurant Business Solution which will provide you an option to create your own app and move your restaurant at online platform.

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