Free movie downloads for android and iphone

5 Best Android Movie Apps

For a movie app to be considered as among the free movie downloads for android, the app has to be popular among the movie lovers since they are classified as best apps based on the views and comments they get the various users of those apps. These great apps include the following;

1.Cinotic android app

This is among the leading apps with the best search engine feature. This due to the fact when using this app one is not only able to search the movie by its title but also by any two actors of the movie. All you will have to do is type the names of the two actors and you will be given a list of movies with those actors if they are many.

  1. mVideoPlayer app

If you are a movie addict who likes carrying your movies in bulk everywhere you go, then you better download this app and join the experience. The app acts as a media library where it stores all your downloaded movies. Apart from this, it being a video player itself, it enables you to play and watch all your downloaded movies in your phone.

  1. Crackle app

If you are of streaming movies rather than downloading them then this app is dedicated for you, this due to the fact that it has a capability of streaming good content without interruptions. You do not have to store all your movies, you could stream others to ensure that you have some space left in your phone and if you also think like this then this is the app to use.

  1. Trailer Addict

This an android app developed only to deal with movie trailers. It offers you the chance to see all the new trailers and therefore lets you choose which movies to download and watch based on which trailers interest you. With this app you now do not to download a movie you haven’t previewed.

  1. Movie twist android app

It is a free android app whose unique feature is that of a great search engine which enables the user to search for movies that are related to the mood he is having at that particular, yes it is possible, so download this app and experience this amazing feature.

All these apps offers you a chance to choose your favorite among these best movie apps so be informed and choose the one that suites your needs.