Full specifications of Xiaomi Mi 4i

XIaomi Mi 4i

From him that whatever side you turn, Xiaomi Mi 4i will pleasantly surprised both the look and his very stable work. What can one of the most rewarding 4G LTE and Dual SIM Smartphone’s in class, read below.

Xiaomi Mi 4i Smartphone – basic features:

  • 5-inch FHD
  • Snapdragon 615 at 1.7 GHz
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 16 GB of internal memory
  • Camera 5 MP and 13 MP
  • Android 5.0 + MIUI 6
  • Battery 3120 mAh
  • The dimensions of 138.1 x 69.6 x 7.8 mm
  • Weight 150 grams
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, 4G LTE, GPS, GLONASS, OTG, Dual SIM,

In the newsroom, we arrived another interesting Smartphone signed by Xiaomi. It is a compact model of an older brother who was probably produced by the company to refresh its offer before the release of a completely new model. New Xiaomi Mi 4i is in fact a compact version of Mi 4 Smartphone, which looks very elegant and attractive.

In fact, almost every element Xiaomi has tried to make a different device than its predecessor and it seems to have succeeded in that. In this review, we will now and then draw a parallel with the older model. In order not to confuse, we must say that Mi4 company’s top model while Xiaomi Mi 4i (which this test) a member of the middle class. But what we can conclude is that it works better than we expected.

So we happily set about examining what can this nice Smartphone that we liked at first glance.



In short – very lovable. Xiaomi Mi 4i we received the test is white and it seems to us that it is  better than the standard black, which is also offered. We have already mentioned that is compact, and it refers to the very elegant dimensions. The company managed to put together and make a Smartphone that is relatively small in size and thin, but it succeeded in the dimensions of 138.1 x 69.6 x 7.8 millimeters to accommodate 5 inch HD resolution. The screen itself is a story in itself, and which that’ll say more detail below.

On the front, in addition to the screen are three capacitive keys below which are lit by soft white light, and above the camera, and in the upper left corner of the famous symbol “We”. On the back side in the upper left corner you will find a rear camera of 13 MP with a 2-ton flash, while in the bottom of the speaker and some more information about the product written in very small letters, so if you read … 🙂

Around the edges there is nothing much – up to 3.5-millimeter headphone jack, the right are buttons for lighting and sound, while the bottom microUSB port. On the left side, there is a slot for SIM card that opens a special “needle” which is located in the box.

The back cover is coated over the edges. This time in Xiaomi took a fine plastic that leaves no fingerprints and white is the color “matte”, therefore there is no glare and we immediately liked it. All the edges are slightly rounded, pages are a little tougher, but you make a good and safe feeling of holding the device in his hands. Due to the dimensions of very pleasant to lie in the hand and in the average woman’s hand.

If we compare Xiaomi Mi 4i, with stronger and older brother Mi 4i, we must admit that this one is the model that we have to test something nicer. Who we showed you wanted it and that is sufficient indicator that confirms that the Xiaomi at least as far as the external appearance made a very good job.



The screen is a different story. In Xiaomi have decided to incorporate the best you can be in this category, and we can say to this screen is much loved and have significantly more expensive models. In fact, it is a full HD display resolution 1920 x 1080 dots (441 ppi), and signed by Sharp and JDI (Japan Display Inc.) backed by three powerful “Japanese” – Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi. In other words, in our hands we have only the best of the best.

The screen is, as they say, cleaner and brighter. These are the most common problems of the screen with weaker models – enough brightness and a lack of access to daylight, as well as lack of sharpness. Here you do not have this problem so that you can safely surf the Internet, watch movies in vivid and bright colors (95% NTSC color palette), and even enjoy a good book. The viewing angle is due to IPS matrix even 178 degrees, and that’s good. In Xiaomi boast that the screen is better than the one that has the iPhone 6 (Retina HD), and it still means something 🙂

What we’ve noticed and that has a lower degree of reflection (glare), it can also see the open space. Fingerprints are visible and remain but lower than the average screen, and it is very easy to clean, all you need is an ordinary cloth or handkerchief. Of course, we will not forget to mention any screen protection – the game is Corning Concore One Glass Solution (OGS) full lamination, which is strong as Corning Gorilla Glass third advantage of this protection is thinner screen and better sensitivity to touch.

What we really want to say is that the screen on the Xiaomi Mi 4i Smartphone one of his strongest characteristics. You will enjoy its capabilities. It seems to us that this screen is even better than the Mi 4 Smartphone.



For the hardware configuration, we conclude that the Xiaomi Mi 4i member of the middle class, and so we work as a well-balanced condition. As the processor is selected 64-bit and 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 at 1.7 GHz and which has 4 ARM Cortex-A53 cores at 1.5 GHz and four ARM Cortex-A53 cores at 1.0 GHz. Built-in Adreno 405 graphics at 700 MHz. Remember, Xiaomi Mi 4i  runs on Snapdragon 801.

Built and 2GB of fast LP DDR3 RAM and 16 GB of internal memory (for users 12.9 GB). Unfortunately, there is no memory expansion so that you are doomed to what you have. However, this configuration is more than enough for a very pleasant work, and gamers should be satisfied.



We believe it will also appeal to the camera. Xiaomi Mi 4i has an excellent camera, and front and rear, so you’ll delight record and selfie photos from the front, as well as those “real” digital photography with rear camera.

The front has a 5 MP resolution and a wide-angle (80 degrees), and a lens of five parts. What we like the aperture off / 1.8, which means that they will get great photos in poorly lit environments. If you’re somewhere in the party and you want to record yourself or with a team, we believe that you will like photos. Of course, they are supported and all possibilities for embellishment so that the dirt on the face and pimples disappear as if by magic. Moreover, and more, is available to you no less than 36 “beauty” profile, and select yourself which suits you. It’s handy to be recorded as a pretty good video in 1080p @ 30fps, so unless selfie shots you can make and very good selfie video, it will surprise you 🙂

The rear camera of 13 MP and signed by Samsung, while the optics by Sony, the lens is also 5 parts. Built-in 2-tone LED flash, supports auto focus, HDR in real-time, manual mode, and supports Full HD (1080p @ 30fps). It also features image stabilization but it works only in HD mode. It’s slick and as when shooting video, you can record and photos. Otherwise, the aperture is f / 2.0 so you is this camera to record very good photos and indoors. Like us and support for “Time Taps” which always comes in handy, as well as “Slow Motion” Slow Motion. We shot a few photos in quite difficult conditions for recording and camera proved quite grateful, as in daylight, and in less lit environments (with and without LED flash).

camera 3 camera 2 camera 1

Audio and video

Pretty good. We liked the quality, but not the power. The sound has even depth so that you will like what you hear. Even if you place your smartphone on the table, on the back of the chassis is a little bulge that will not allow “choking” sound from the speakers. Sound care ESS ES9018K2M DAC chip with OPA1612 amplifier 24-bit / 192KHz.

As we said, we would like to be stronger. We tried a couple of MP3 files in high quality, but just we lacked volume. Even it seems to matter more, “slag” with movies than with music. The same is true for video games. But as you may know, the thing may always withdraw aid quality headphones, either on-ear or in-ear (or in the ears).


The operating system, additional applications

Xiaomi Mi 4i runs on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop operating system on top of which is the company’s 6 MIUI interface (version Those who are for the first time meet with the MIUI interface in the first to blink and you might be able to confuse, but will very quickly get used to it.

It is a slightly different arrangement of icons and, on the other hand we must say that all works very fast and fluid. And notification center is very little changed, but it will be much better known. You can open an account and we (We Account), then you can connect to Mi Cloud operating system. Installed is a “stock” version without any additives and it works very well. Icons, applications and schedule, all you know.

I work in the OS runs smoothly and when we tested the device practically did not have any problems with the recoil, slowing down or something. We must admit that we liked everything seen, and somehow we were already accustomed to MIUI interface.

operating system operating system - settings swift key



The Smartphone supports Dual SIM, you’ll need a micro SIM card. The device supports 2G / 3G / 4G networks, including: (2G GSM 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz 3G WCDMA 850/900/1900 / 2100MHz, TD-SCDMA 900 / 2000MHz, 4G FDD-LTE Bands 3 – 1800MHz / Bands 7 – 2600MHz). As for the quality of telephony and communication, we have not noticed any difference in relation to the Mi 4, which is good.

Xiaomi Mi 4i Wi-Fi 802.11ac dual-band (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz), Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi Display, then the new Bluetooth 4.1, GPS, GLONASS, and Beidou satellite navigation systems and OTG. Of course, there are the 3.5 mm headphone jack and microUSB port. Built-in and electronic compass.

All in all, we would say good classics …



There are two modes of operation – Performance and Balanced, you can find them in options. Built-in lithium-ion polymer battery of 3120 mAh (Sony / Samsung), and that in a combined work could hold up to two days. Video in HD, you can watch up to 11 hours, and 35 hours of phone calls and music to listen to 59 hours before the next charging. Otherwise, supported and optional quick charge “Quick Charge” – 40% of the battery is charged for 60 minutes.

The battery is the fastest empty when playing video games, which is normal, but we have not noticed any drastic spending, which is higher than expected. Basically, the battery has proven to be very generous, and we believe it will serve you well. Otherwise not interchangeable, because the cabinet does not open. Feel free to count to two days of an average use of the device (Web surfing, social networking applications, a little navigation, and gaming 🙂 .


Video games

Due to the hardware configuration, we expect video games very solid work. We opted for a few vehement Titles to see how good in this part. I alone will lower by video clips can conclude how good gaming. Here’s what we found …

  • Modern Combat 5 – excellent first-person shooter … commandos, terrorists and similar trinkets. The game runs with a constant mild recoil, central heating devices.
  • GTA – the reincarnation of the popular games for Android devices. The game also works with the recoil, but it works. Fortunately, you can adjust the graphics. The heating unit was also present.
  • Real Racing 3 – to present the best racing simulation on Android platform. Graphics is very demanding and is a real test for Smartphones and tablets. The game runs with occasional and appreciable recoil, especially when a large number of cars on the screen. The heating unit is also mediocre.

We must acknowledge that we are still expecting more from this processor. Games load more slowly than we expected, and only playing the strongest gaming titles is not completely smooth, which can disturb those vulnerable players on the graphics. This is the only part of the device on which we felt slowing, but most of it may not even notice. In our opinion, this is not a condition for the “hardcore” gaming. The 5-inch screen is too small for the real gaming experience. But of course, Xiaomi Mi 4i can be used for a very solid play, especially if this is the only device that you have available.


Benchmark tests

We’ve done a handful of those synthetic benchmark tests that have given us some figures, and that can serve as a good landmark. We tested the processor, graphics, memory, sensors, everything. Again we mentioned that we prefer to “feel” how the device works in practice in the OS and with everyday applications and video games, here’s a little number for those who love it.

Here benchmark figures:

  • AnTuTu 5-33768 points (64-bit test)
  • GeekBench 3-607 points (single core) – 1495 points (multi-core)
  • Quadrant Standard – 22114
  • Vellamo – 1884 (Browser), 1211 (Multicore), 991 (Metal)
  • PCMark – 3261
  • 3DMark – 6237
  • GPUBench GL – max 54.79 fps (average of 29.78 fps)
  • Andes Bench Pro – 4048

What we liked was the fact that the device will not excessively overheat while the deed all the tests. The figures are very solid and in line with what can this device. Although, somehow it seemed to us that it works better than what we can read from this data. And that’s good.

benchmark.1. benchmark geekbench 3 Vellamo


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